distance/orientation of overhead service entrances

dgeistSeptember 10, 2013

I'm in a new (to me) home and want to clean up some of the low voltage wiring. 40 years and several generations of techniques have not been kind... One step is consolidating the service entrances and and terminations to one low voltage mounting board in the basement on a wall adjacent to the main breaker panel due to its ease of access via existing passages to the exterior.

With respect to the meter box (flush mount in brick facia at ground level) and the overhead service entrance (near the corner of the structure just under the surface of the eave), is minimum NEC required distance between a telco overhead drop and the power entrance conductors? Does it depend on the LEC (in my case AT&T/Bellsouth). I just want to know if what I'm preparing to ask the phone company to do is at all reasonable.


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Clearance in what respect? between the overhead conductors?

If you are talking about the drop from the road that is their wire and they install it as they please.
You can ask them, just don't be upset if they choose to ignore your request.

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I have overhead wires for electric, phone and cable. The cable and phone wires run through the air spaced about 10 feet away from the electrical, and then connect to the house about 5-6 feet away. From there they run down to the cable and phone demarc boxes, and enter the house about 3 feet from the electrical box.


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