Add 3rd Switch to 3-Way Circuit

davidpjSeptember 25, 2013

I have an existing wired 3-Way circuit with 2 switches controlling outdoor lights. Is there a wireless product that will allow me to add a 3rd switch to this circuit making it a 4-way circuit?

Other than rewiring the circuit as a 4-way, is there any other solution for this?


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Ron Natalie

Adding a four way isn't hard. It's only the switch in the middle that's a four way, the wiring retains it's three (typical) conductors.

But yes, there are home-automation style switches/dimmers that will allow a switch to control other switches without them being directly connected.

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Thanks ronnatalie,

I should have mentioned that I do not have good access to the existing 3-way switch wiring so that's why I was asking about wireless solutions. Hopefully I can find something that will just replace one of the 3-way switches with a receiver/switch, but I haven't found anything yet.

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Ron Natalie

Leviton's Vizia line will do this.

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