Suicidal Boy

mtmsdDecember 12, 2011

I'm not sure what to do here. The BM and I are not married, but living together. After they moved in, her son, 11, has given me the silent treatment. He's made several remarks about hating life and the world would be better without him. After he and his mother spoke, it was revealed to me that I'm the cause of the suicidal thoughts. I really love that child and his mother. I treat him as though he were my own flesh and blood. I've been asked to move out of my own home so that the child has stability and familiarity in his life. The situation has caused the relationship with his mother and I to flounder. I am completely flabbergasted with all of this and do not know how to handle this. Years ago I would have given them all the boot, but I care too much to let them go. Any suggestions?

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Another though... he doesn't hate just me, but any man that would be with his mother.

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I would hope the child's mother has done more to seek 'help' for her child otherthan just request you move out as if that will cure all their ills (you're very vague in background story and situation here). If the child is so depressed and seeing a cause to harm himself as a solution, the child needs professional assistance in dealing with whatever is going on in his life.

How long have you known the child and his mother?

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The boy needs help. He is also manipulating his mother into not being able to have a stable relationship with any man...
I've been asked to move out of my own home so that the child has stability and familiarity in his life!!!! Say what?? Uh no thats just not right and how does that give the boy stability.. Just the opposite. First your in his life living with him then your not. best rethink this and get the help of a Psychiatrist ..Any child that talks and threatens suicide should be taken seriously.... Even though its likely hes using that to get what he wants you gone and his mom to his self!

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