What is Optimum Height for Receptacles with Night/Stair Lights?

mark_gSeptember 12, 2010

New build--and we are considering making use of the LED/single receptacle combinations around the house: on stairways, below main switches at entries to rooms, in bathrooms. The unit we're looking at has a small hood over the light to direct the beam downward.

I have also read abt some of you who have raised the height of your receptacles, to make them easier to get to.

Between these two issues, what height (to centerline of the box) would you mount these single boxes above finished floor (AFF)?

Thanks for the feedback!


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I'd go for "normal" height, which for me is about 12"-14" from floor to centerline of box. I've got some plug-in nightlights with a hood that seem to work just fine at this height, and I suspect the manufacturer designs them to be effective at normal mounting heights, but you could always call to discuss. This is one of those things where you can over-think the problem, so don't worry too much.

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