smoke/co detector goes on when turn on TV

dkeelSeptember 5, 2012

I have a First Alert SC05 battery operated smoke/co detector that comes on whenever I turn on one of my TV sets. I have two TV sets but only one activates the alarm. I have pluged the "guilty" TV into different outlets but still activates the alarm for both smoke and CO when turned on with either the TV power on button or the clicker. ????

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Sounds like you must have one of the First Alert detectors with the IR remote control test/silence feature. You simply aim any IR remote towards it, press any button, and it works like the test button on the unit itself.

They can be overly sensitive and are sometimes triggered by the remote when it is not even pointed at them. The instructions even tell you how to disable this feature when this is the case. Typically, you open the battery compartment so the battery is disconnected, press and hold the test button, close the battery compartment and then release the test button.

You did mention that this occurs even if you use the power button on the television itself - plasma displays, and also some LCD televisions with fluorescent backlighting, can generate quite a bit of IR which can be "seen" by the detector and trigger the test function.

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Weird. Following what Yosemite Bill said, try covering the IR receptor on the TV and see if it still happens, or disable it, as he said.

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Alan, it is the IR detector on the carbon monoxide detector which is being falsely triggered. Covering up the one on the the television will not affect anything.

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Ron Natalie

The SC05 appears to have a regular test/snooze alarm button. The SC07 has the IR test feature. The SC07 is also distinquished in that it talks rather than merely beeping.

Here is a link that might be useful: SC07 manual

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Wow, I've had this same problem with my BRK/First Alert smoke detector and never knew that pushing the test button whilst installing the battery would shut that "feature" off. I can tell you that covering the smoke detector's IR sensor with electrical tape did NOT stop the tv remote from setting off the alarm.

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you have to make the detector a little tinfoil hat.

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