Installing dusk to dawn light

robarSeptember 17, 2013

I want to install a dusk to dawn light on the side of my garage. The light will only be hung about 7 feet from the ground. I want to mount it to a piece of 2x6 board. Do I need a junction box to attach to the board and then attach the light fixture to the junction box? I'm going to run a wire from the box to a plug in electrical I can unplug it when I want. I would appreciate any tips or advice.

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Ron Natalie

Most exterior lights are designed to be mounted on top of light junction box. Such are readily available that can be surface mounted to your board.

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You are not supposed to attach a plug/cord to a device that is meant to be hard-wired. It is your light, and you can do it, but you better make sure that you know what you are doing so it does not create a fire or shock hazard.

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Ron Natalie

Actually there is no such prohibition.

The prohibition is that you can't use cords as a subsittute for fixed wiring, so if this board is a permanent attachment to the garage it's not legitimate.

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There also is no ground wire on the light fixture.....only a white and black wire. How can I ground this then? Plus, the light is made where it looks light you cannot use a junction has to be attached directly to the side of the building. The wires would then be run through some conduit/tubing. Any advice....please!

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Ron Natalie

If the fixture has no ground wire (which most do), some ground themselves through the mounting screws.

It is DESIGNED to mount to a box I can almost guarantee.
Commonly the box is mounted flush to the wall, but it can be (somewhat ugly) mounted on the surface.

You should not be running cordage through a conduit or "tube."

Why is it that you don't want to do this properly?

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How about a photo or link to the light you are using?

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I bought the light at Lowe's. It's a 42 watt dusk to dawn light. The brand is UTILITECH.......item/model # 135931

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So reading the manual that I downloaded from the Lowes page

I see instructions for mounting WITH a junction box and WITHOUT a junction box.

I also see a ground screw in the light and the instructions say that the fixture MUST be connected to ground and point out the ground screw on the fixture.

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