Can I complain for a minute or two?

DFWmomDecember 10, 2012

The kids were informed from step mom that they are not getting anything from their father for Christmas because they already have a mother that buys them everything they want.

REALLY? I ask my kids every year for a list of things they would like and I try my best to get them a few of those things but they are not spoiled. I don�t overspend on Christmas and they are very gracious for the things they receive. Stepmom says it wouldn�t be fair to her son if my kids receive gifts from bio dad because my kids already get things at home. (Bio dad is not the father to her son). Last year my daughter took a picture of bio dad & stepmoms Christmas tree and there were TOWERS of gifts stacked around the tree all for step moms son. Imagine how a child feels to be in their own fathers home and to be left out like this.

Honestly, I think it all comes down to the money. Bio dad is not allowed to spend a DIME on his kids. NOTHING. His child support is automatically deducted and sent to me and she thinks that is enough. He can�t buy birthday gifts, Christmas, clothes, shoes, HELL I�m surprised that they feed the kids when they are with him!

The funny thing is I only ask him to pay HALF of SOME of the extra things that come up sometimes. It might be a school trip or a special course/class or sports fees. Guess what? Most of the time He DOESN�T pay. Not to mention that he�s supposed to provide medical insurance and he doesn�t do that. I have to so most of his child support is going towards that!

I guess since she sees that I have a nice home, we drive nice cars, take trips, etc that she thinks that bio dad is already contributing too much money but fails to see that DH & I go to work EVERYDAY to have these things. And guess what, we would still have these things even if I didn�t get a DIME from bio dad because we have JOBS. I�m also careful about how I spend our money.

I�m just sick of it all really. He confided in me that he fights with his wife about this issue a lot yet, he�s not doing anything to change it. My kids don�t even want to spend EOW weekend at their house. If I don�t send them over there, she WINS! That�s what she wants anyways so she might as well SAY IT!

Sorry for the long rant but I have been fuming thinking about this and needed to get it out.

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I feel ya! My 17 year old son hasn't gotten anything from his dad for holidays, birthdays, anything for years now. I also see pictures of her kids and grandkids with mounds of gifts. This year he moved to Florida so he can't even send a ticket to have my son come for a visit.

I also have an issue though that my step son goes to his mothers and comes home with seriously extravagant gifts. She's a disney mom so this is ALL she does. She doesn't (we are custodial) pay for anything else, just $56 in support a week. Like this year she's getting him a northface jacket and an ipad. Must be nice!! Since I'm paying for the rest of his life, I can't afford to get my kids these things and spend that much on him. He's not going to be there with us for Christmas so I'd like to go ahead and get my kids the ipad and still get him gifts (nice gifts just not ipad price)..... I just don't think it's fair that he's coming home with these things and going to school flaunting that he has them and his brothers don't get to. I'm all for equal but sometimes I just want to spend a little more for my boys whose fathers' don't spend a dime on them at Christmas... being that I'm their everything.

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