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SheeshareeIIAugust 2, 2014

I'm still not thrilled about it, but the UV is causing issues so we're finally going to put blinds on these windows. I know there are films and so on, but we're going this direction.

I want 2", white, faux wood blinds with a wand for adjusting the slats.

I was going to use three separate blinds for this area. Am I correct that they really should all be on one long header?

Is it really a crime to have the three separate blinds and headers? I'm having a hard time of finding photos of similar windows. If I bought something off the shelf, the height I need is 55" so I'd shorten the length.

With one header, I'm assuming I'm going to need to go custom and I really don't think I want to invest that much money on blinds. Quick glance at Lowes was $260ish for one blind. Um, no. Maybe that had special features or something I missed.

Where would be the best choice for blinds if I went the custom direction? JCP does custom, but I'm not sure about the single header. I'd have to go back and look.

The other thing I'm not sure about is where should the blinds meet up?
Here's the window with my lovely mock up.
Should they meet somewhere in the middle here? (Obviously the other side would mirror this one.)

Or should each come to the edge of their window with the space in between?


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I have a similar window with three individual blinds for each window but with one long valance. You can kind of get the idea from the pic, although I don't have the entire window in the pic. I got mine at a blinds store, so yes, they came and measured; couldn't afford Hunter Douglas. But I like the three individual blinds. I can manipulate them as I like, i.e.: raise the two outside to let air in and keep the center down, where there is no raising window.

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I think it all the depends on if you open any of those windows and what type of privacy you require. I have a similar window in our master bedroom. All 3 of our windows open. I went with 3 blinds because it allows for the most privacy when one window is open while we sleep. Even though we don't have neighbors behind our house, there is a private property that attaches to a county owned nature walk by a creek. Mine are on 3 separate headers that match up closely.

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Thanks for the photo Tibbrix. Pretty room!

Jerseygirl - We do open the windows and 3 blinds I think is definitely the way to go.

We don't need them for privacy, but light control. I was so anti put anything over the windows because I love the light, but our other rooms with 2" white blinds are still bright just not the harsh beams fading everything in site.

For now I think I'm going to go with store bought ones from BH&G. The reviews are good. If it turns out the three separate header thing bothers me I can return them and go custom. I actually think the store ones will work just fine though.


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Sheesh, the only problem you might have with three store bought blinds is the slats may not all line up perfectly. If that would bother you, make sure you can return them in that case.
I agree that having three separate blinds is best for your window situation if you like opening the side windows for fresh air, but still want to control the light in the larger, center window.
I can't tell if you have screens at all, but if so you might also want to look into Solar Screens to protect your furnishings.

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Shee JCP has their 2" wood and faux wood blinds on sale as well as their 1" basswood blinds.

My daughter has a house full of the 2" faux wood blinds and loves them. She has two windows similar to yours and uses three blinds on each window. My SIL has the stained wood look ones also. I have the 1" basswood because my windows don't have enough inset for two my blinds.

I keep them slightly tilted upwards, which blocks the sunlight, but still allows light in and we can see out.

I could not afford to go custom; they have a size that fits most windows in width, and it only takes a few minutes to remove the little buttons on the bottom to remove slats and shorten them to the size you need.

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Your question interests me (3 vs individual) as I'm going to do blinds throughout the house also.

I can tell you I see a lot of people struggling on CL to sell their 3 in 1 long blinds.

How did you choose 2" slats, if you don't mind answering. I was looking at NDB and of course they are pushing 3" slats for more light in but they are so big.

Also, don't the faux woods, or at least some manufacturers come with UV treatment protection built in? I don't imagine yellowing occurs.

Thank you and good luck.

Tibbrix, lovely bedroom paint color.

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Justgotabeme - I thought about that. Hopefully they line up because that might push me to head custom.
I was looking at EZ Snap solar screens, but DH didn't like the look for some reason. I still might look into some for the patio doors. If I was going to spend on the money on those I wanted it to totally take care of the UV issue, but it doesn't block it all with me still being able to see out. That helped me go the blind direction. I still might look into the screens for the patio doors.

Tuesday - I saw JCP had their blinds on sale, but I didn't see any white ones. They all seemed to be pearl white, etc. I'll have to check it out again. I'm glad to hear your daughter is pleased with them, thanks! Your daughter's blinds are on three separate headers as well?

SparklingWater - I was sure I wanted to do the three separate blinds (can't imagine trying to lift one blind that long), but wasn't sure if I should have them under one header or three.

My biggest deciding factor was that I don't care for the look of cellular shades or romans on that size of window; especially when down. I'll probably open the slats more than I'll bother to raise them up. I also like the look of the 2" white blinds over 1 size", they're easily accessible, if not going custom, and I think the size will work well on my windows.
Yes, some have the UV protection built in. I have a few other 2" white, faux wood blinds that don't and so far they haven't yellowed (6ish years). Matter of fact, the two with cords to open and close the slats broke not long after which is why I want wands this time.

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Sheesh, the reason I mentioned that they may not line up, is that happened to me years ago. I only have two sets of double windows in this home and they both have full blinds. Neither are in "public" spaces though and are on the back side of our home that doesn't get the direct sunlight as they would were they on the front of our home.
We actually have some wood and a bamboo mesh two inch horizontal, non-custom, blinds on seven windows in the front of our home along with the solar shade screens. I really like the convenience of directing the sunlight with blinds. I have roman shades in the five windows and french doors in the sunroom and really like them there, but for rooms at the front of the house I prefer the blinds.

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I thought IâÂÂd update.

The new blinds went up the other week and IâÂÂm pretty surprised how much I actually like them. I feel they added another layer to the room and with that brought a cozier feel. I did trade off some light, but I feel it was worth it. - And also the point since the harsh, direct light was fading everything.

I did go with the BH&G 2â faux wood blinds and IâÂÂm very pleased with them. All the slats line up darn close. And IâÂÂm not bothered by the valance having three separations along the top since theyâÂÂre pretty tight together.

The largest blind ended up being on sale and the total was a little under $50. They probably wonâÂÂt out live me, but thatâÂÂs alright for various reasons. I plan to purchase more of these blinds for other rooms.

Not the best photo, but gives you an idea.

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I have a window like this so I am loving this thread! One last question---did you have enough window depth for an inside mount? Unfortunately, my windows are skimpy and to switch to a 2 inch blind will require an outside mount.

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Sheesharee, they look great! I'm glad you did an update.

I love wood slat blinds, esp. white (unless not appropriate!). They give a room some architectural oomph and are also crisp and fresh looking, airy and beachy. Needless to say, they are a mainstay here on Cape Cod.

So glad you love them.

Sparklingwater, just now saw your compliment of my bedroom color. Thank you! It's SW Languid Blue. I chose it because of the white blinds and my rustic, dark brown barn-y furniture. Chocolate brown goes great with the Languid Blue. It's a smidge technicolor for me, and I kind of wish I"d stuck with BM and gone with Van Courtland Blue, but the Languid is really nice at night and first thing in the morning, which of course is when a BR is used! So, perfect!

Ratherbesewing, rather than do an outside mount, can you build out the trim between the windows, giving you room for an inside mount? MO is that it's worth it if you can do it to get an inside mount. I had to have my front door built out in order to accommodate a storm door. You'd never know it.

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Sheesharee, Love the blinds! They look great on your window and am glad you took the time to up-date.

Is BH&G Better Homes and Gardens? If so, where did you purchase? The price sounds too good to be true!

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Ratherbesewing - They are mounted inside. My casing depth is 6". I wanted them flush with the trim, but the directions stated the bracket needed to be so many inches back. I'm assuming because of weight. There's about 1/2" space in front of the blind to the front of the window. Surprisingly it doesn't bother me.

Tibbrix - Thanks! Yes, they feel very clean and fresh looking.

Lizbeth-gardener - Thanks! Yes it's Better Homes & Gardens. This probably won't be popular but I bought them from Walmart. These are the ones I originally wanted to buy. See link. The ratings are high and some people posted photos.

Now the blind I linked to, they didn't have the sizes I needed. At my store they did. I discovered they're actually two different blinds. I believe the ones I bought are In Store Only, but the description was the same - 2" white, pvc, won't crack, wood look texture, etc. I'm not sure what the difference is.

The two small blinds are 13x64 and the and the middle is 47x64 and they were shortened to 55". The small ones were $16 something a piece and the large one was originally $38 and rang up $15. I called them a few days later to mention and they said it must not have been marked on sale yet. I checked the next time I was there and still no price change. Hey, I'll take it! Even without the sale I think they were still well worth it.

I originally was looking at JCP, but they didn't have white blinds in the size I needed. I considered going custom with them, but the reviews weren't persuading me and I couldn't go full on custom at this point.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: blind link

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Off topic, sorry, but Tibbrix--can you share the name of the beautiful blue paint in your bedroom?

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She mentioned above it's SW Languid Blue.

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marita, SW Languid Blue.

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