Merry Christmas :)

pseudo_momDecember 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Ladies and Gent!

My rant for the day :)

Mom is not celebrating Christmas but she took the kids money they got for christmas (combined more than $700) to to have their house appraised so she can refinance so she can buy them gifts in January!!!

What a piece of work!

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Nice! I don't give cash... in fact, I usually give personalized gifts that can't be returned. I know many won't agree but when you give a gift, it should be from the heart & the receiver should appreciate that. I think it's insulting to the gift giver when something is returned. The only time I think it's fine to take something back... if it doesn't fit but it should be exchanged for the right size. I will now be climbing down off my soapbox, since that isn't the purpose of this post. (sorry pseudo, that's just one of my pet peeves)

But seriously, I hope it wasn't your DH giving them cash. I know that once a gift is given, what they do with it is their business but that is pretty low... to not celebrate Christmas but take what the kids get & use it for herself. If she doesn't celebrate Christmas, what kind of "gifts" is she supposedly going to get them in January? That is so low! And I was gonna complain because BM asked DH for a favor & he accommodated but when he asked for a favor, she said no. But, this one takes the Christmas Grinch trophy.

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Cash gifts were from grandparents and other relatives ...hubby has been out of work for 3 weeks and will be out atleast 6 months ... last thing I would be giving is cash :) ... the younger two also had "birthday" money as well so that's why they had so much ... hubby overheard the conversation with SS14 how she didn't have any money to get the house appraised so she was not going to have extra money for a long time but if she had the money to get the house appraised she would be able to "pay them back" plus buy them gifts after she refinances ....

I didn't know they had/were giving it to her so all I kept saying is I hope you all get something you need with your money and grandma wants you to spend on something you need rather than want because there isn't any extra money around here for needs nevermind wants... SS14 needs track shoes ... SS16 needs $500 for a class trip...

I said to hubby its too bad they will never see that money again!

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Speaking of money to never be seen...

My DH's grandma has always sent him $75 for Christmas in a card. She lives on the other side of the country & it's come to our mailbox, addressed to: DH & family, every year for the last 6 years he's lived with me. This year, it didn't come & I thought of asking DH but figured his grandma wasn't going to send it.. maybe due to the economy. I've never spent any of it, DH usually buys something for SD & keeps the rest. I don't care, it's not much money. But this morning, I saw the envelope on SD's dresser. It was addressed to: DH & SD, c/o MIL and mailed to MIL's address. So, I'm a little perterbed that somehow DH's grandma was probably advised that she should send it to MIL's... maybe because DH might be living there with SD (hence the addressing to DH & SD, excluding me?) It really bugs me & I want to mention it to DH but don't think it's really worth the hassle... it's too late to do anything about it now. There's my little rant & I'm sorry to hijack your thread.

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