Kitchen Counter Outlets

OldBiker650September 2, 2013

Sorry if this is a duplicate....

My kitchen counter will have 3 sections: 3', 5', and 2'. There will also be a 12' island with a sink, 3' on left, 7' on right. It is pretty clear where to put the "small appliance" outlets, but not how to group them into circuits. 2x 20 amp circuits is the minimum, but 4x seems overkill....

How many circuits and how to group the outlets?

Cheers, Shawn

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Ron Natalie

As far as the US codes go, it doesn't matter how you distribute the receptacles on the two circuits. Many people will alternate them but frankly it's technically legal to put one duplex receptacle on one circuit and al the others on another.

Note it's not just the countertop receptacles that go on the small appliance circuits, all the receptacles (with slight exception) need to go on these.

I'd just alternate them unless there is a place that has an obvious place you'd put a high demand unit such as a microwave or some other sort of cooking device and then I'd put perhaps an additional circiut there.

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