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pseudo_momDecember 1, 2011

I know there are many out there ... but I have a question regarding one ... JW using initials hopefully you get the gist of what I am asking :)

From what I understand could just be ignorance on my part ... JhovasW's do not celebrate any holiday correct??? including thanksgiving, birthdays, christmas, or any other holiday ...

I am asking because the kids came home the other day asking if we were having christmas this year ... I said no not unless the tree goes up ... santa doesn't go to houses with out trees! 12,14, & 16. They put up the tree with in 2 hours ... usually I am asking right up til christmas eve. :)

The kids said mom changed religions and she doesn't celebrate christmas ... is there a religion other than JW that doesn't celebrate christmas but celebrates ... thanksgiving and new years??? (she did thanksgiving and is having a huge new years eve party)

Unless she just switches Nov. 30th to Dec. 30th because last year if some of you remember she got them nothing for christmas last year her BF bought a house so she decorated their rooms for them ... that was their gift!

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I m not JW, but I know some....Some will have turkey on Thanksgiving, not a religious holiday and not associated with gods or goddesses. New Years, no, the god Janus(January)is associated...Most JW s will take off from school on Halloween, Valentines Day, they want no candy, celebration, Halloween, Celtic god, Valentine, Christian St Valentine...No birthdays, Anniversary, and Wedding Day celebration are allowed...But some JWs break the rules, I know some that drink sometimes, and THAT s not allowed LOL...Maybe she s just taking the part of the religion she likes and not following the rest....

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I was born and raised one of Jehovah's Witnesses. So I can answer yes, JWs do not celebrate any holidays of any kind. No birthdays, either.

A couple of clarifications: JWs can celebrate weddings and wedding anniversaries. Since it was the only thing we were allowed to celebrate, whenever someone got married it was a big deal. Also, Jws are allowed to drink, only you're not supposed to drink so much that you get drunk.

But like Dotz said, there are some JWs that break the rules.

There are many, many people that were raised JWs, and just sort of drift away because there is so much wrong with this "religion". These people may claim to be a JW, but don't follow all the rules they way they are supposed to, which often causes confusion to outsiders.

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Jews don't celebrate Christmas or Easter, but do celebrate Thanksgiving, New Year's, birthdays and many Jewish holidays. Is it just Christmas she avoids?

And why not just ask the kids what BM's new religion is called?

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Hubby said it was JW...I do not ask because I do not want to seem interested in anything mom does ... because I am not. Their birthdays were celebrated like national holidays till this year ... she hosts prayer meetings at her house on Sundays. Not sure if she drinks anymore I no longer allow her free rent in my head :) so I don't ask anything about her.

I think Dotz statement is the most accurate ... "Maybe she s just taking the part of the religion she likes and not following the rest...."

Seems like her religious beliefs are a convenience! save her self some money ... big kids big gifts.

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Maybe it was a jailhouse conversion??? LOL

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"is there a religion other than JW that doesn't celebrate christmas but celebrates ... thanksgiving and new years???"

Yes, all of them other than Christianity.

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