Broyhill lamps -- help!

tammy518August 24, 2013

A couple weeks ago I saw some lamps made by Broyhill in a Home Goods store that I really liked but, sadly, didn't buy, thinking, oh, I'll go back tomorrow if I'm still thinking of them. Well, anybody that's used to that kind of store should know better, but I was trying to save the money and not buy them. Now they haunting me! Besides the Home Goods I saw them at I also went to all of the areas TJ Maxx and Marshall's, all to no avail.

I can't find any online retailer for Broyhill lamps, and I'm a pretty good Googler. LOL. I even emailed them, but they didn't write back.

I'm wondering if anyone here might know of a source for Broyhill lamps.....also, I hate to even ask but if anyone sees them in a store near them and would be willing to ship them to me, I'd gladly pay for the items and shipping fees. Anywho, just wanted to throw that out there.

I'll try to describe the lamps as best I can. They were a ceramic or porcelein "jar" type base for lack of a better word. I believe the jar itself was painted white and then had the items I'm describing below. From a distance they almost looked like an Oriental lamp, but upon closer inspection the pictures painted all over it were of an ocean type thing. Can't remember what all was painted on there, but coral and shells and starfish, along that line. The painted on items were pretty small and the whole lamp had the pattern of these fairly tightly together.

If anyone can find these online, please let me know. Or if anyone finds them in their local store and wouldn't mind shipping them to me, I would be very grateful. I'd really two of the lamps, but I can only find one, that'd be okay too.

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What was the color the design was painted? Multi? Dominant color(s)?

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Are you positive the lamps were made by Broyhill? I used to sell furniture, and don't remember them making lamps (I've been Googling, too, no luck).

Did you ask at the store? The manager should be able to fnd out about them, and see if other stores still have any.

Good luck! (I don't live near a HG store, or I'd look for you here).

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I know I have recently seen lamps by Broyhill as well. ( I think I saw them at Marshall's which is the same as HG).. just to clarify I am pretty sure Broyhill does make lamps. And I can so relate to not grabbing it and regretting it........

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I have had this same experience. I bought lamps from Home Goods with a Broyhill tag, came home and googled it and couldn't find any Broyhill lamps. Mine were EXACTLY like a Pottery Barn lamp, however (which is no longer available at Pottery Barn, so maybe they were in the process of being discontinued?). My guess was that Home Goods re-badged the lamps, whether they came from Pottery Barn or somewhere else. Perhaps the lamp manufacturers make the same lamp for several brands?

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Olychick, the base color was white or off-white from what I remember.

Miz M, the tag said Broyhill, and I've seen other lamps there with a Broyhill tag. Upon Googling I did run across an article about Broyhill consigning a company to do an accessories line for them, but that was in 2006. I did call a local furniture store here that sells Broyhill to see if they had any or maybe a catalog and the lady I talked to said she hasn't seen any accessories from BH in a couple of years. I did call the next nearest Home Goods store (an hour away) and described the lamp looked like and the checked and she didn't see any in their store. She asked for an item number but I didn't have anything like that to give her.

PudgyBaby, huh, I never would have thought of that. Maybe they weren't BH afterall.

I have Googled since ways from Sunday without even putting the name BH in there and searched lamps with ocean items or Oriental lamps with coral, etc. Any terms I can think of but can't find anything similar at all.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

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Interesting about Broyhill!

I've been googling (I love trying to find things!) every lamp that fits the description, no luck at all. I LOVE lamps, so I'm finding way too many I want now. :-D

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I know how you feel Miz M. The right lamp can really make a statement. I love them too.

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Amber Khan

Just bought a Broyhill lamp at the TJMax HomeGoods Store in Plymouth, MA. The have a whole aisle with Broyhill lamps. They were all very beautiful! Don't know why Broyhill does not have lamps on their website.

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I also have purchased Broyhill lamps at Home Goods.

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This is an old thread from 2013, not sure why people are posting on it...I suspect the OP has found lamps or if not the chance that the same ones are available seems unlikely.

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