A/V question - Help needed with home remodel

chocoholic77September 6, 2013

Hi Everyone,
We are in the midst of a remodel (addition and remodel of main living area). We will be rewiring the whole main floor (we are in a split level). We are really out of our league when it comes to the wiring and are not getting the type of help/info from the few professionals we've contacted so we thought to contact the well informed on this site.

We are planning to centralize the home AV/internet setup. Thinking of using CAT6 instead of HDMI cables and we would use an HDMI over CAT6 extender. Does it matter if it is passive vs. active? We were thinking of using passive so we don't need a low voltage for the passive extender.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!

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Ron Natalie

I'd always have power available at the end of your cat6 runs there's going to be equipment there no matter whether things are passive or active most likely. HDMI peaks out at 45' so you're likely to need some longer distance device any how.

You'd probably get better answers on this subject over on the Home Entertainment section of this forum.

The only advice I'd give is to run extra. Most of the HDMI solutions these days chew up all 4 pairs in the cat6. If you want to run network or some other wiring as well, you'll want multiple cables.

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Thanks @ronnatalie. Didn't realize I was posting in the wrong forum

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