Doorbell Push Button wire Broke!

giraffeflute05September 2, 2013

Hey out there,
I was trying to paint my house and removed the doorbell button to paint underneath... well apparently the wire was cut way to short and it was old. When I pulled it off it broke off in the wall. (the red wire) so I tried pulling it out with needle nose and it broke worse. Then the white wire also broke in the wall. I poked around and nothing sparked. I disconnected the door bell itself and taped off those wires. I am still afraid that the push button wires are going to cause a fire? What should I do or are they safe to leave in the wall like that?

I don't have any money to hire an electrician and don't feel comfortable to mess unhooking a transformer box (plus the fact i have no idea where to find it)


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Door bells are low voltage (~16v DC) so you probably don't have to worry about a fire. If you want to look for the transformer it should look something like this:

Could be anywhere but most likely in the basement or in the garage. You can just disconnect the two wires from the screw terminals and the line to the door bell will be dead.

If you don't feel like running new wires, get one of those wireless chimes.

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Those transformers are self-limiting on current. If the secondary is short-circuited, it soon will fail internally with no smoke and no fire.

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The doorbell and the switch are wired in series. A short at the switch isn't going to cause a shore at the transformer, It's just going to cause the doorbell to get constant power - which could fry it over time.

So you could just disconnect the wires at the doorbell - assuming that is easier to find than the transformer!

> low voltage (~16v DC)

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Often the transformer is mounted directly on the main panel or a sub panel.

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Thanks for the help. I can't find the transformer anywhere. I looked in the attic and I don't have a basement. I just pulled off the bell and wrapped the wires and pushed back in the wall. Seems to be fine. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

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