his horrible ex wife..

wishitwaslegalDecember 5, 2011

I posted earlier and got some great responses about having my fiance being the only one to deal with her. So I did what everyone said and blocked her from calling or sending me texts. So now I have another question? Is it okay to delete her and all her family from my facebook? Or would that be adding to much fuel to the fire. I woke up this morning to her family posting all about "me" Im just so over the immaturity. She is a real winner let me tell you.. When me and my fiance got together the step kids came and stayed with us for the first summer and she reported my son who was 4 to DCF for sexual molestation charges. Of course nothing was found and she put her daughter through all these horrible tests at 3 years old. She is always holding the kids over my fiances head. If she doesnt get this then they wont be coming to see him. Its just so frustrating! She is already talking about marrying a man she has just met. She has 5 kids 4 different fathers and those kids have already had 5 different stepfathers. She pushes all the new men in her life as daddy and then the bio dads become daddy (insert name)! Gosh sorry to vent.. Guess I needed to get that out lol..

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Your Bf should have a court order in place that contains his rights to visitations. The mother can't withhold visitation merely because she does not want to send them...a court order granting visitation, when and how should be clearly spelled out. The idea that BF must do what and when whatever she pleases or she can and will withhold the kids from him is not necessarily true, even if she says so and actually is silly enough to believe so. A lawyer can pursue your Bf's rights and guide him through a proper parenting plan if BF does not have one or can not work one out between him and the mother himself. Once a court order is in place denying BF his visitations would be considered an contempt of order. He may even be able to get additional vistations other than just summers. Is BF paying child support?

And no, you don't have to be 'friends' with anyone you don't want to allow into your personal pages.

If BF does not have the court order, he needs to. It can also see about having guidelines put in the order as to how communication is to take place between the parents. For example: all communication has to be between BF/Mother. Communication via text/email blah blah blah. No court in this country is going to order you to be 'friends' via facebook . Do yourself a favor and stop reading whatever this woman and her family/friends are dishing about. Block them and their messages. As she knows you are seeing and reading the messages I'm sure she's having a great time annoying and harrassing you...take the power away from her.

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A agree with JMT an order can outline communication. My order states all communication regarding the child should be Between bio parents only. We have a scheduled time to speak verbally twice a month and other times should be via email. Court orders are your friends.

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Delete her and her family from YOUR facebook. You owe her nothing.

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Good Grief, YES delete them all from your FB and your life!
Your BF should be dealing with BM. Agree with all of above.

Best of luck to you. You'll be much happier bowing out of this insanity asap. Expect them all to ramp up their behaviors and try to suck you back in..Maybe even the BF as he may be overwhelmed at having it all handed back to him. Stay strong. Life will become more peaceful in the long run if BF & BM stick to court orders when dealing with kid issues.


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