How to extend wire over newly installed door

nismoRBSeptember 28, 2013

I just had a new door installed to connect the house to the garage. The installation required a wire to be cut, so now I need to extend the wire up and over the door. What is the proper way of doing this? Do I need to use junction boxes on either side of the door to make my connections?

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The simple answer is yes, you need need accessible junction boxes on both sides. However, if you still have the wall open where you want to frame the door you may have some other options. I am assuming the line you cut just connects one outlet to another in the wall.
- For example, if the wire you cut is connected to a nearby outlet you may be able to rerun the wire and use that outlet as a junction on one side.
- If you plan to add a light switch to either side of the door you may be able to use a higher capacity box and use that for box the wire junction on one side.
- You could just add an outlet in the area to both sides of the door and use the new outlet boxes for the junctions.


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Ron Natalie

The other option is if you can get to the two boxes or whatever on both sides of the line you're cutting and run a new piece up and over where the terminations are made where they originally were.

I like Bruce's idea of taking advantage of the junction boxes to install an additional switch or receptacle. Note that if the receptacles face into the garage (as opposed to the living space), they'll need GFCI protection.

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Thanks for the responses.

The wire that was cut does connect one outlet to another on adjacent walls. However after looking at the situation, I think i'm just going to have to pop a few holes on the garage side wall and install junctions boxes on either side of the door. Fortunately I do need to put a garage light switch near the newly installed door, so theres one box. And I guess ill have to run another box and blank faceplate on the other side...

I probably will try and fish some new wire to the outlets, but I don't see it happening.

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