Service panel cable

Hacksaw111111September 27, 2012

Hi, Can you tell me if this cable is acceptable to use on a 200A box?

Are the conductors size 2 and the ground size 4 Not sure how to read the jacket)?

Currently it is hooked up to a 100A box that I am going to upgrade. In upstate NY, NYSEG.

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No. For a 200 amp service you
need 4/0 aluminum.

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Thanks, what is the cable above? not sure how to read it.

I'm going to be switching from a 100A box to 2 200A boxes (duplex house). What size will the service drop from the roof down to the 2 meter socket need to be?

I'm looking at the Milbank U1252-r-kkrge. I would run the 4/0 al to the 2 separate panels from new sockets...sound right?

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Ron Natalie

You'll have to ask your local guys (probably the power company) what the requirements for their side of the meter. The NEC doesn't adjust that.

Yes, it appears to have 2 2AWG conductors (for the hots) and a 4 AWG (for ground).

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