Gaggenau Double Oven Wiring/EB295

leftistelfSeptember 5, 2011

I have just purchased a used EB295. It came with a cord that has three wires (black, red, ground)

My house is set-up with four wires (black, red, white, and green).

There are a set of jumpers in the terminal block. I just need to know how to set-up the jumpers. Sadly, the owner's manual provides no information about wiring, except to suggest getting an approved appliance installation expert.

Anyone have any idea how to configure the terminal block?

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Ron Natalie

I believe on this unit, it's strictly a 240V unit. That preattached power cord gets connected (in a suitable junction box) to your 240V feed. The white wire in your feed is unused. It needs a 30A circuit (minimum)

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Ron Natalie

The thing can be run on 208 or 240V, so it's possible that's what the jumpers are for. It's uncommon to see 208 in a residence, so it's probably already set up right. You might give the GAG folks a call and see if they can provide you the information.

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Ron Natalie

It requires 40A not 30A. By the way if you don't have the manual, here it is.
The inside of the lid where the jumpers are supposedly shows how to strap it. If you have the three wire cord, it's got to be set up properly. The only other configuration would have a cord with FIVE wires in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: GAG manual

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That manual looks to be aimed at European electricity. The way I understand it, homes have single-phase 230 V or three-phase 400 V.

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Thanks folks. So, how do you handle the neutral wire?

Cap it? Or run it to the ground?

Also, any reason to use heat resistant wire?

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Ron Natalie

Cap it. No your existing wire is fine.

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