Extend wire - how?

mattt19September 2, 2010

I'm in the midst of remodeling my kitchen. The electrician that did the rough wiring had to retire for health reasons. A second electrician is finishing up the job.

Under cabinet lighting is being installed. I'd like to have the lights installed at the front of the cabinets. The problem is, is that the wire that was roughed in is to short to reach the front. It's impractical to rewire. Is there a way to extend the wire? Are thin junction boxes made? One that would fit under the cabinet behind the frame (the frame is 1 1/4" deep)? Could a 5/8" pancake box be used?



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Yes it could along with a solid cover. Be sure to use romex clamps to hold the wires in place.

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You could also do the splice in a run of WireMold plastic surface mounted channel. It has a lower profile than the pancake box and stands a better chance of blending in with your cabinet trim. The splices will not be with a standard wire nut, but your electrician should be familiar with it.

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Wire stretchers are available from purveyors of left-handed monkey wrenches and smoke shifters for the grill.

All 120 V splices and connections must be enclosed.

Exposed low voltage wiring does NOT have to be enclosed.

Can you put a small LV power supply (AKA 'solid state transformer) near the back and run low voltage wiring to lights at the front?

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