which mirror do you like best

zen4dAugust 26, 2012

I'm redoing a bathroom and have eclectic taste with a strong leaning toward contemporary.

My vanity is martha stewart seal harbor, my floor tile is Porcelanosa grey, and the wall tile (surrounding tub) is Porcelanosa Yakarta Blanco. I will paint the walls (color to be determined).

Here is a picture of the 3:

better picture of floor tile - the light grey

Which mirror do you like best?




#4 (this is the one that matches vanity Martha Stewart - wood frame in same color as vanity.

Lighting yet to be done, depending on look of mirror.

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The MS vanity is very cottage in feeling, so I think if you are wanting a more contemporary look I would not go with the matching mirror. Of the other three you have posted, my preference would be #3. I like the finish, and the thinner frame with the intersecting pieces picks up on the narrow strips of the beadboard in the vanity.

The first one feels very traditional to me, and I just don't care for the second one.

You might consider finding something more oval or round, just to balance all the very strong angles you will have in the tile and cabinet.

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I like number 2 because of the oval shape but I'm just not sure about the colour. What finish will your hardware and taps be? does the second mirror have grey in it? - if so I would only use it if the white of the vanity has a grey base to it.

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thnaks, both. I felt the same way about 3, picking up on the beadboard.
There's only one vanity. I will take a look at some oval/round shapes. Hardware is polished nickel


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i like #1 best... i like it's style and i prefer mirrors that are beveled...
my 2nd choice would be 3, but it just looks too plain...

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Would you consider something like this? I think the beveled pieces on the edge echo the strips of the beadboard, but give you the softer feel of the oval.

oval mirror

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les, you are so helpful. Thanks. I was looking at that. I didn't realize it would work with the beadboard though. Do you like that better than just a plain oval with beveled edge? Also, do you think oval is preferable to round?

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I like the oval-shaped too. I think the shape would go better with your design, but am not sure about the color.

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Ooh, I like the one Les linked to. The first one you posted is now my second favorite.

Lovely tile choices, BTW!

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