1/2 Switched outlet question.

hippyAugust 14, 2014

First. Red and Black are the Hot and Common. Ground is not shown to keep the drawing clean.

Question 1.
If I wanted to have 1/2 (top) of an outlet to be switched and the bottom have power continuously. Would the wiring in the drawing be correct way to wire it once the tab/tie bar is removed on the input (from switch) side of the outlet?

Question 2.
Could I have up to three outlets wired parallel on the switched side and three powered continuously by running a jumpers from outlet 1 to outlet 2 and 3?

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Ron Natalie

Yes, you can do this as you propose for any number of additional receptacles.

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Thank you Ron.
Wiring a cabin that has a long 48x12 front porch and I want three outlets along the wall for outside use on the porch.

I wanted to have three electric lantern such as the one shown on the porch and have them switched to be turned on/off from inside. That way I would not have to turn each of the three on/off by the cord switch. Most likely will rewire them with a new longer lamp cord to do away with the switched 6' cord altogether. At nearly $200 apiece I want to be able to unplug them and store the lanterns inside when we are not there.

Then use the bottom half of the outlet to run power tools, electric smoker etc or other devices without having the lanterns on or unplugging them each time I want power but do not need the light.

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Ron Natalie

Be very careful. Outside receptacles require GFCI which needs to be done with care if you're going to split the receptacles. You need to make sure the GFCI is ahead of the split point. So connect it to the load side of GFCI recpeptacle ahead of the switch or use a GFCI breaker.

Other than that, what you want to do is fine.

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Yea.. I am going to use GFCI breakers for it, the Bath and Kitchen.

I much rather deal with installing the breakers than GFCI Outlets..lol

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