Cord for range used for wall oven?

vegaslibraAugust 2, 2013

I am replacing my wall oven and the new oven's cord is not long enough. I called sears and ordered a new cord. The one they sent me is all rubber and says for free standing ranges (picture attached). The one on my wall oven is metal. Is it ok to use the rubber one behind a wall oven?


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Wall ovens do not come with cords. And also, cords are NOT metal.
What you have is a whip. The whip gets spliced to your branch circuit in a junction box.
You must make this work with the length given. Put a junction box in an adjacent cabinet, or even behind the oven itself.

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to clarify (I hope). The picture is of a cord. It attaches to the appliance at one end and the other goes to a wall outlet at the other.

Normally a wall oven does not use a cord but a whip as described. The wires go into a junction box for attachment.

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