DH's settlement date today and OMG---he won!!!!

lovehadleyDecember 9, 2008

I am just in shock right now.

After all the drama and turmoil,my DH WON.

When he went to court in July, the GAL pretty much ruled in favor of BM. He said that since she is a SAHM, SS should go to her school district, which is 30-45 mins from our house, depending on traffic. DH and his attorney went in at the time with all sorts of printouts showing that our district is consistently better and that it's also unfair to put the burden of transportation on the working parent. Also pointed out that we own our home, BM rents. ETC.

At the time, the GAL said none of it mattered. Child support was set at $500/month, with $234 going to BM and the remainder going to pay back benefits she received from the state.

So then DH had a settlement conference a couple months ago and it was postponed b/c GAL wasn't ready.

So today--DH went in and WON!!!!!

A TOTAL turnaround!!!

The GAL had looked over all the evidence and ruled to the judge that SS should SWITCH SCHOOLS at the end of the school year---he will start 2nd grade in OUR district in August!!!!

They will retain 50-50 physical custody but DH has PRIMARY!!!!

Summers will be split 6 weeks and 6 weeks.

AND--CHILD SUPPORT was reduced! DH has to pay $277/month to the state to pay back the benefits but BM gets ZERO!!!

Dh has to continue to provide health insurance but BM is responsible for 50% of ALL copays, meds, etc.

This is just unbeleivable! I am so HAPPY! This is HUGE. The schoool SS will go to is 5 mins from our house! So now--I can actually help with picking him up from school and DH won't have to leave work early on the days SS is with us!

As it is now---DH has been spending an HOUR in the mornings driving SS to school, and an HOUR in the afternoons! It is killing him at work!!!!

The only thing I am ANGRY about is that the GAL didn't make this decision in July. The school SS is currently in goes year round, so SS started there in July. Now he is going to have to switch schools AGAIN and nothing about that seems like it's in his best interest.

We didn't give the GAL any new information so I really don't know what changed his mind.

I know BM mentioned in conference today that her DH will be living in Houston for 6 months to a year to lay tile, and apparently the GAL said that indicates instability on their part.

Who knows! I think in the long run this is GREAT. DH can now be INVOLVED in his son's school---instead of having to drive 30+ mins to sports practice or boy scouts, he can be involved here in OUR neighborhood!

BM doesn't work---so the bottom line is, she has the TIME to do the driving.


Dads can win!!!!!

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:) Congratulations!! Your jubilation just infected me!!!! I'm thrilled for you!

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"We didn't give the GAL any new information so I really don't know what changed his mind."

He read it. (Sorry to be so cynical.)

And Congratulations! (Merry Christmas!)

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me too!!! That's great!

My DH has his wish list ready, just in case BM files to go back to court. #1 on his list is having BM do all the driving since she doesn't work and has more time. lol, she told him last weekend that it was in her daughter's best interest to spend more time with her... he told her 'okay, then you'd spend more time with her if YOU pick her up instead of having grandma pick her up'.

It's funny how some people think... she probably thought it would sound wonderful that her DH got a great job but they saw that he might transfer or she might move and that is unstable. She sees herself as available because she is home all day, they see she has more time to drive.... WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!!!!

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Congrats! I wasn't getting the GAL's original argument that the child should go to school in the SAHM's district at all. Seems a little backwards. If she was at home she had the time on her hands to drive for crying out loud!
Seems like the original GAL ruling was OPPOSITE of what it should of been in the first place!

Things will be so much easier for you now!

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Congrats to you all, Love! I'll never forget the day DH was awarded custody after a 1.5 year battle- just a total sense of disbelief, relief, shock . . .and even a little fear. Saying that, and not meaning to rain at all on your parade, I want to offer warning. Be very careful of the way mom is going to spin this to SS. My SD's mom told her things like we were stealing her, she'd never see mom again, etc. She told SD that is she told anyone about the things that happened there they would take mommy away and so on. We were very lucky that when we told SD that wasn't true she believed us and didn't act out, but I know we were lucky. Be aware of SS's moods and such for a little - look for clues that he might be getting bad info.

Celebrate tonight!!

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Congratulations!! I am so happy for you guys. This is especially great since bm's husband is out of state for work....now she will not try to move your ss right?

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