Trying to Secure a Screw in Ceiling Light Fixture

chipster_2007August 19, 2013

I had to repair a ceiling and I dropped the cover to the light fixture to make the repair. Although I easily replaced one screw in fastening the cover to the box, I have been unsuccessful with the other. I have tried all kinds of angles
in reinserting the screw where it was but cannot catch it on anything. Is there anything else I can do besides calling an electrician? Its seems like a simple thing but my many attempts have failed. Any helpful info is much appreciated.

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Ron Natalie

Take the cover off again and make sure the first screw is in the right hole. Don't tighten it all the way up until you get the second screw started. Figuring out lighting fixture mounting can be some of the most fiddly parts of electrical work.

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If that screw hole happens to be stripped, just speculating, what would be the easiest way of fixing it?

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Ron Natalie

What is it screwing into? The box or a bar across the center of the box? If the latter (which is a common mount) you can get those replaced. Most lamp repair or better electrical houses would have some (I always keep a few when I replace a fixture in my box of random junk parts in case I ever need one).

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