Need help fixing/capping live wires to prevent fire

henns20August 28, 2013

In Pennsylvania. I am a rookie at electric and normally call the electrician. That said, disconnected attic fan bc it was making noise - will need to be fixed. Disconnected the white wires from direction of another rookie. The wires are still live.

If you look at the pics below. Even to my rookie eye this does not look safe.

How do I set this up and keep it disconnected safely to prevent fire?
-I want to cap it and secure the wires so no there is no danger.
-If you look at pic 1 the blacks are still connected as well as the ground wires.

Images of the wire set up in the attic below. (Attached the first to the post. The second pic you may have to copy and paste into browser if link will not work.)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Thank you very much in advance.


Here is a link that might be useful: pic2

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Ron Natalie

If the wire is still hot, it must be terminated in a box. You can not have those caps out in open air like that.

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If there was a splice there before with no junction box, that was wrong, You can stick them into a box as ronatalie suggested or you can follow the circuit back to another junction box if there is one. The thermostat or switch might be a place, but it might not be either in the case it is a switch loop. If you don't know what you are doing, the safe thing to do is to stuff what you have there into a junction box that is fastened to that stud.

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