Soapstone is in...

musicteacherAugust 28, 2014

...and so much work still to go. But I think I love it! I am painting the walls what I think is called palladium blue. Still haven't chosen a backsplash. I must be the most indecisive person on the planet!

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Ooooh, Palladian Blue with soft black soapstone...mmm mmm ! Share a mini pic? I have PB in a bedroom. Love it. So, is this kit design going by the seat of your pants? I did mine a little bit that way, and turned out more than fine. Don't stress!

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Great color choice for the kitchen. It looks beautiful! Who did the installation for you? Hoping you may be near me...I need to find another soapstone dealer

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Oh, I love that soapstone! It'll look amazing with the PB. I'd go with a plain backsplash, so not to distract from that beautiful and subtle veining.

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You work fast! I can not believe how quickly you finished painting your cabinets! Everything is looking beautiful! Nice job!

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Holly- Kay

Music, that is one beautiful soapstone. I would have loved to use soapstone but there was only one batch at the stone yard and it wasn't a particularly nice one.

Are you going to oil it? I ask because the oiling will change the grey to black, at least that is what happened to someone else on the kitchen forum. I thought it looked stunning both ways. Soap stone is actually my favorite ct material and your ss is one of the prettiest I've seen.

I love your kitchen! I can't wait to see it once it is painted PB.

Enjoy your beautiful kitchen and please post more pics!



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Your soapstone is simply beautiful! I think the Palladium Blue will be beautiful in your kitchen. I have it in my bedroom and it is such a pretty color. I think a white subway tile backsplash would look beautiful with your other elements. I wouldn't do anything to detract from the soapstone!

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So pretty!

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I think PB will work well too, BUT I was in love with that color for years, and thought for absolute certain that I would paint our MBR that color. Painted the first wall, and YIKES, it was much too green with our lighting. So I would really recommend painting some poster board or those special "paint sample boards" you can buy at SW. Be sure to move it around to different walls and to check it at different times of the day. There are lots of very close colors that may work if that one doesn't. Mount Saint Anne, Woodlawn Blue, etc.

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So odd...when I posted there was no pic. Glad I came back to see such pretty results. Going to be perfect with PB.

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Musicteacher, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your soapstone.

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Thank you for your nice comments. Funny you should say they got painted fast. It seemed like forever to me and I was pretty much doing it full time, in a hurry to finish before school started. I had doors propped up on those little triangles on every horizontal surface - even the piano!
As for the PB, I had originally gotten it for another room: had HD match a color card to make a sample, decided on PB over Wythe blue , then had my son who worked for PPG get me a couple of gallons there. So it is PB twice removed! : ) Was going to use it in my bedroom too, but after painting one textured wall decided it wasn't right in there. I only thought about using it in the kitchen because I already had it on hand, but once I saw it with the stone - and surprisingly - with the black and white curtains, well I just giggled because I love the way it goes together. Then I went away for a while, came back and saw it and got all giggly again. How often does that happen - that what you already have works? The little bit of pessimist in me is afraid It won't look as good when all is painted, but I'll find out this weekend Hooray for the three-days!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Beautiful soapstone! What is the name of it? I want soapstone too. I am in love with the Belvedere soapstone.
Great job!

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Musicteacher, beautiful soapstone! I am a soapstone lover too. What is the undertone of your soapstone when you wet it? I love the large vein on the island.

I also have white cabs with ss countertops, need to find a backsplash. I'm so over my kitchen at this point and just want to be done!

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Holly- Kay

Music, I love your curtains! Please post closer pics. I love how your whole area looks and agree to amen for the three day weekend!

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Yes, by the seat of my pants. We had the floor tiled a couple of years ago - something to go with the oak cabinets which I just painted white because I wanted soapstone. lol Sorry, I don't know the color of the soapstone, it looks grey now, but when wet it does look a little greenish. I may oil it someday, but not yet. HK, I'll try to take a picture of the curtains - if I can ever find my cell phone. The fabric looked to me like toile, but it is a floral not landscape and I trimmed with a little of a tiny black and white check. I made them to go with my yellow walls - which are now turning blue! I don't know how people plan out all their choices before they start. Aside from being so expensive to do it all at once, I never can tell what will look good until I try it on!

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