ceiling fan box extension?

mikesjAugust 14, 2008

Here's my dilemma- I've got a plastic ceiling fan box screwed directly into a joist in my living room. I'm in the process of adding a tongue and goove ceiling and am curious if I can attach some kind of extension to the box or if that's against code or would present some other problems that I can't imagine. Another option would be to unscrew the box and put a block behind it to make up the spacing difference.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

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they make box extenders, though i am not sure if you cna use them for a fan. is the current box even rated for a ceiling fan?

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Yes- it is a fan box.

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The plastic box that you have is fan rated only as long as the long screws that come with it are used to hang the fan bracket and they fasten directly to the ceiling joist or rafter. If you use a spacer the long screws no longer have the same amount of threads in the joist, with the threads in the spacer providing no support.

I would guess that removing some drywall along the joist and installing a long spacer that is both screwed and glued to the joist would provide adequate support, as would longer screws. However, both of these technically modify the design of things used as part of the design listing of the fan box.

Common sense says that the longer screws or a well anchored spacer should work fine. While all this seems like simple enough stuff, modifying the fan box mounting in any way voids the UL listing on the box. I'd advise contacting the box manufacturer and getting their recommendations.

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I'm thinking that I'll just remove the existing saddle box and add a metal replacement- I need one that extends about 3". An extension ring that attaches directly to the saddle box would make it a quick job, but removing the existing one and replacing it shouldn't take too much time. Thanks for the ideas.

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