Ceiling fan switch

shw001August 2, 2010

I replaced a 3-speed ceiling fan switch with another one and the fan runs extremely slowly. the fastest speed is slower than what is usually normal for the slowest speed. What could cause this?

Old swich is a mechanical 3-speed lightolier (no light) with only two black wires.

I wired the new switch (Lutron 3-speed, no light) the same way. Also tried reversing the two wires, and no change.

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Make sure the fan (by pull chain) is set to its highest speed.

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then may be problem in your fans speed regulator.check its inside,may be there is something wrong.

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Thanks to both of you for responding.

Normal gets the prize! Hit it right on the head. Either Normal is a genious or I am a dunce for not seeing something so simple. I did not even have to take out a single tool.

When my wife asked how I fixed it, I just said "just genious"

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