Temporarily disabling a hard-wired smoke detector

carlab44August 31, 2011

We are in the process of finishing our basement and need to temporarily disable the hardwired smoke detectors. We need to remove them while having drywall put up, and also want them disconnected while sanding the drywall as we were told the drywall dust can set them off.

Is it possible to disable two of them in our basement and not have them set off the rest of the ones in the house? Would we just pull them down and cap the wires until the drywall is done?

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Yes, you just need to disconnect the wires and cap them. If you want them to work but not set off the ones in the rest of the house, then just disconnect the "interconnect" wire. You should read the manual to double check but it should be an "odd" color like orange or yellow.

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Some of them have their own plug-in connector from the factory.

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Yep - many are designed for easy swapout. They have a small wire harness that just clips in and out.

If yours don't have that, just cap all the wires - black to black, white to white etc.

Definitely remove them completely while the drywall is going up. Even if they don't go off, the dust is going to get in everything.

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