cost factors in running power to a farm

rbiggAugust 2, 2010

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could supply me with general cost factors of running 200amp panel to a farm. One way would be overhead (poles and wiring), the other way would be underground, for a run of .25 miles. I need some general way of telling me what each would cost out at.

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This is NOT something you are going to get accurate answers on. This is something you need to have quoted on site.

1300' is a LONG way. Far too long for secondary (120/240) voltage. So it is most likely that your utility is going to have to get involved in a much greater capacity.

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Before 'Deregulation', if the utility calculated, (based upon your anticipated connected load), that they
could recuperate their investment in 5 years, then they
would build the line for free. Of course if you didn't
generate that anticipated revenue for them, then you would have to pay a surcharge each month, "FOREVER",or until additional customers come on line, either beyond you, or
along the line that was built for you. This would
be spelled out ahead of time and you had to sign on the
dotted line.
Today, you pay the full shot no matter what, because you don't necessarily have to buy the power from them, even though you still have to pay 'Delivery Charges'.
If you have the means to dig a trench that is deep
enough so that the primary wire is 30 inches below final
grade, then underground is cheaper. The utility will still charge you to do the connections on each end and
they will supply the transformer on 'your' pad.
But remember, that line will be owned by you and if something goes wrong with it, the utility will disconnect
it and YOU are responsible for repairs.

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