Mom2 and others!!

pseudo_momDecember 4, 2009

Mom2 ... I saw the other day you wrote that your oldest SD is 15 my word has it been that long ...

so my question is ... to you and others ...

how old were were SC and BC when you started posting? compared to now.

In Oct of 06

My skids were 7,8,11,and 16 now 11,12,14 and 20

my kids were 14,& 21 now 17 & 24

I know I have come a long way in the last 3 years with lots of help from everyone here... some great little tidbits of wise info I still use :)

Free rent.

Will it matter in 10 years.

Not my kids

etc. :)

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In November of 2007, SS was 8, almost 9. He is now 10, almost 11.

Things have changed a LOT for SS in those two years (thank goodness!) and GW has given me a different perspective.
When BM is ticking me off, I think of Pseudo, or Doodle, or Lovehadley, and the CAH-razyyyy BMs they have on their plates. Then I don't think she's so bad after all ;)

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I have only been on the site a short time.... My kids are 14 (BD) and 6 (SD). All of the drama BM puts DH and us through makes it feel like 10 years almost - geez!

I just keep on praying that whatever closure she is looking for, whatever in life she is looking for, she gets soon - so that DH's and SD's relationship stops suffering because of her issues.

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I have been on here almost 2 1/2 years! Geez...where does time go!!

And you all have helped me through so much! This is by far the best stepparenting site out there.

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And I was just thinking....what ever happened to theotherside? She just vanished!?!

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I think I started posting here in 07? Can't quite remember.

My SC & BS were already adults, though many many issues since SC were still in our home.

I've learned a lot since joining, and am so happy to have found so many women who understand the issues facing most blended families.


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One year this month for me! And I think I saw TOS on another forum for people who deal with borderline personality disorder, could that be right?

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I started posting in April 2008, I believe. This was right after my SD moved to another state. She was 12 (turning 13 that month) and DS had just turned 9. SD is 14 now and DS is 10 (11 next month).

I have learned a lot from this forum. The biggest thing that has changed my life is that it is DH's problem and if he doesn't see a problem with something, I don't need to fight the battle on his behalf. Even though I'm on the outside and I see how "wrong" things are and I see how much he hurts. He's a big boy and can make his own decisions. I, on the other hand, can make no decisions, so why should I let it bother me? This has been the most freeing feeling ever!

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