motion detecting light or Dusk/Dawn insert

andrelaplume2August 17, 2012

I am the guy whose cfl, after a year, apparently did not get along with a 20 year old timer and blew up my fixture, bulb and timer.

So I went out to pick up a pair of new motion detecting lamps....might as well replace the the garage that blew up and the front door. I was suprised how expensive they were for what apparently seams made 1/10th as well as my 20 year old fixture. (btw, how hard would it be to rewire a new base into my old they sell a kit?)

Thats when I saw this little sucker that screws into the fixture's base. Then you put your bulb (cfl or regular it says) in it. Then there are a few buttons you hit and the sucker is suppose to turn the light on at dusk for 5, 8 or 10 hours. Its $10 at Lowes.

What do you guys think of these? I'd sort of prefer my light come on at dusk for about 5 hours...thats how my timer was set. I could then by a regular non motion fixture and use this thing.

Any trouble with something like this. It says it will work with cfls?

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It is to be noted that these devices do not last forever. So periodic replacement probably will be necessary.

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how long do the motion lights last...any longer?

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I think that I have the device that you wrote about. I tried it outside and it seemed to work well enough. I did not think it would work well indoors and I think that is correct too. (You would have to put a lamp very near a window with no curtains or shades for it to work.)

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