Welder Dual Voltage Input

tony41August 16, 2013

My friend purchased from E-Bay a new Xtremepower Stick Welder.


Welder 200 amp/120V/Arc/MMA/110V/110/120/220

On the machine you have the choice of selecting 110 Volt or 220 Volt input.

There is no plug on the power cord.

3 wire cord consists of Brown - White/Green stripe - Green.

How would you connect a 220 volt male plug to this power cord?

The E-Bay seller was from the west coast. I'm thinking this welder is a cheap import from Asia.

To me this thing has UNSAFE written all over it!!!

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It's an $89 welder. Of course it's a cheap import from Asia.

On the machine you choose which input you are using. It all depends on how you choose. Is it a switch? Or is it determined by how you wire it.

Does it come with instructions?

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No instructions in regards to power plug. The voltage switch has a locking mechanism. Not just flipping switch to adjust.

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I believe that I could test to determine the hookup, if necessary. But first I would google.the brand and model number to see if anything shows up. No doubt others have encountered the same situation. From the little I know about color coding outside the USA, the Brown is one of the non-grounded conductors. So do a continuity test with that and with the others. The equipment grounding conductor should show continuity to the housing of the welder - and to nothing else.
Some of those welders are satisfactory and others are --. I am spoiled on a Lincoln high amperage DC with high duty cycle.

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