Should I post this on the marriage forum?? silly

pseudo_momDecember 4, 2009

Ok so here goes .... as some of you know I have been out of work for about a month now ... hubby has been laid off for almost a year ... things are still ok we are living with in our means christmas will be tight but we are adjusting until I can find something new and exciting I want to do when I grow up!!!

I know its petty but it bugs the heck out of me .... My hubby gets up before I do. He gets up with the kids there are no arguments they just do it for him wonderful. He makes a pot of coffee for us and breakfast for the kids and while he is taking them to school I get up and try to have 15 minutes to myself. I do not get any alone time anymore so I enjoy that 15 minutes for myself.... but here is the issue!!!

He makes a lousy cup of coffee .... so I spend that 15 minutes making a second pot. I hurry dump out the pot he made and start with a fresh pot. I have been busted doing this told him "it just didn't taste right thought it was old" didn't buy it for it minute.

So now I have to endure a lousy cup of coffee in the morning or wait and dump some out while he is not looking kind of driving me nutz going through 2 pots of coffee in the morning ....

Choices??? should I tell him kindly that he makes a lousy cup of coffee!!! or should I just set it up the night before (easiest way I guess).

I know this is a silly issue ... but I really enjoy that 15 minutes alone and it is ruined by a lousy cup of coffee!!!

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ROFL! I needed this laugh today!

Just set it up the night before. Frame it as "I know it can be harried to get the kids out the door in the morning, so I'll set up coffee the night before to save you a step in the morning!"

And on a side note... Wouldn't it be funny if DH also goes to a message board somewhere and made a post of "My DW makes the most terrible coffee. It's utterly lousy! But the thing is, she thinks it's good and will even dump out the good pot I made to make her own dreadful pot. I try to make it before she gets out of bed, but now she's volunteering to 'save me time' in the morning by setting it up the night before. I know this is a silly issue, but how do I get my DW to stop making such bad coffee??"

And on another side note....
Gets me every time! I love the vaguely European neighbour ;)

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You know I have thought of that ... that he thinks I make a lousy cup of coffee too!!!!

Great link!! I lol'd

Thats me in the bathroom dumping his down the sink though!!!!

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That video was so funny!!

Why don't you just tell your hubby honestly that you think his coffee is too strong or too weak. Tell him you like ____ of coffee grounds in the thing when you make coffee.

If that would hurt his feelings then I guess you should just prep the coffee the night before and say that you are just trying to help his morning routine go a bit quicker!

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I vote for setting it up the night before. If he eventually says you make a lousy cup of coffee get a smaller pot and each make your own.

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Tell him. Life is too short.

BTW, I prefer my coffee to my DH's as well. His is WAY too strong. Talk about taking the enamel off my teeth! But since he adds 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup sugar and I drink it black, I think he really doesn't notice. Shucks.

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I would vote for a second coffee maker with a timer. Set YOUR coffee maker to have your coffee the way you like it, he can keep on making his own. I agree with SS, life is too short and you are already tossing a perfectly good pot of his coffee anyways, it would only cost you the price of your new coffee maker. I think I got a decent one for about $30.

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I was thinking of this thread today. This morning I was going to run some errands with my sister. As I was leaving I noticed hubby making a pot of coffee. Usually I make half pots because I will drink a cup or two and so will dh and then we will toss half a pot out. He seems to think it tastes different so when he makes it he always makes a full pot.

Anyways as I was leaving he was making coffee. When I got home I noticed he drank none of it! What the heck!?! Not sure what the point of making the coffee was? But I did not bother asking. LOL Just thought of the dollar or so we just dumped.

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Husband out of work for a YEAR?
Guess he better not apply at Starbucks!

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I got one of those cuisinarts that you set up the night before with the whole beans. In the morning it grinds the beans and makes the coffee perfect! (I love my coffee!) You could get one of those and *show* your DH how many scoops of beans to cups of water etc..I think it's sweet he wants to do that for you, but love my coffee in the morning so much I'd have to do something..


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LOL! This is too funny! I like Ceph's suggestion that maybe he doesn't like your coffee, either, and you both are trying to be "polite" and not hurt the other's feelings. LMAO! Just the idea would be a great idea for a one-act play or something. I can see it now!

Makes me glad neither DH or I like coffee. We have a small coffee maker for when family comes over. My family was over this weekend and I just laughed at all the coffee they wasted and all the complaints about the strength!

I think you should just be honest with him about it. What's the worse that can happen? You end up setting it up the night before? You were gonna do that anyway. If you two can't agree, an extra coffee maker, like Ima said, is a great idea and I think our little 4-cup one was $20.

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This makes me glad I'm a tea drinker... LOL!

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wow, I think lousy coffee is the least of his worries being out of work for a year, he probably feels awful about it and making that cup of lousy coffee is something he is trying to do for his family...I think buying extra coffee makers is not the best advice to two unemployed people. maybe just getting up together since you both don't work is not a bad idea. then he can make breakfast and you make coffee.

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Well I decided just to set it up the night before .... with out saying anything to him about his coffee :)

I guess what I was complaining about was my 15 minutes!!! but since I posted this hubby has been hanging out with a buddy who needed some renovations done on his house so hubby is out for more than 15 minutes a day .... :)

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