Wiring a single pole dimmer switch to recessed lights

jcraw84363August 17, 2010

HereÂs my problem: The single pole dimmer switch I just installed does not turn on the lights. Another switch does - so the recessed lights all work, but are on the wrong switch. Installed 4 recessed lights in the kitchen, and wired a single pole dimmer switch  placing a new box in the kitchen for the dimmer switch. I cannot use the kitchenÂs existing circuit due to over-load.

The dimmer switch has two black and a green wire. I then ran a 14-2 wire to the dimmer switch from a junction box in my attic. I also ran a second 14-2 wire from the same junction box in the attic to the dimmer switch. Each of the black wires coming into the dimmer switch box, connect to the two black wires on the dimmer switch. The two white wires are connected together, and the ground wires are all connected (3) together.

I also have coming into the attic junction box a 14-2 wire from the first of the four recessed lights boxes. The other three recess lights are connected together. I have fourth 14-2 wire coming into the attic junction box from which I thought I was getting my "power source" from. So this makes 4-wires coming into that attic junction box.

This fourth wire comes into the attic junction box from another junction box that controls an outside light. This 2nd junction box has a 14-2 wire coming in from a light switch in a closet, and another 14-2 wire going out to the outside light (so there are three 14-2 wires connected in this second junction box.

There are two 14-2 wires coming into the outside switch (one supplies the power source). Now the outside light switch controls both the outside light and my 4 kitchen recessed lights.

I need help! And, thanks in advance.

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A switch cuts the black line only.

In the junction box find the incoming power (black) and hook up the white, painted black, of the cable going to the switch. At the switch hook up the white which you will also paint black on this end, to the black of the switch. Now hook up the black in the cable to the other black of the switch. Hook up all grounds.

You just made a switch loop.

At the junction box take the black from the switch and hook to the black going to the light. Hook the white from the light to the white of the incoming power cable.

You are done.

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You tapped into the switched power for the outside light. You need to find a source of unswitched power for your dimmer controlled lights.

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but there are hints in what you wrote suggesting that you don't have enough basic understanding of electricity, or wiring techniques, to wire your own home safely.

Please buy or borrow a copy of Wiring Simplified and read it before continuing with your project. You can probably ignore the chapter on farm wiring (if it's still in the current edition), but don't pass over the chapter on basic electrical circuits.

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