New service at pole not allowed???

schutz2106August 12, 2013

I have an employee that is doing this. Currently he has a meter and panel on the pole away from his house. He has a subpanel in his house along with a subpanel in a shed. He has lost 1 side going to his shed somewhere between the pole and shed. What he wants to do is put new panel at the pole and leave panel in house and shed as a sub. All work is being hired out. Utility company is saying that he cannot put a new panel on the pole. They are telling him that he MUST put the meter and panel at his house and feed out from there. Is there a logical reason for this??

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Well, it all depends on your location and the rules of the utility.

Typically, if it is a POCO pole what he has is not correct and they have every right to demand what they are demanding.
If it is a customer owned pole then the POCO is wrong and he should be able to do what he proposes.

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Ron Natalie

Well as the POCO tends to have responsibility for everything up to the meter they tend to be able to make any rules they like.

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