Wisteria - the catalogue not the plant

bbstxAugust 9, 2014

I have been on a quest for a square back straight arm chair to use at the desk in our study. I found the perfect chair on Restoration Hardware. It lost its luster when I discovered that the shipping was 100% of the price of the chair!
This is the RH chair:

I have found a similar chair at Wisteria.

After shipping, tax, and a discount code, it is only $50 more than the before-shipping price of the RH chair.

I know nothing about the quality of furniture sold by Wisteria. Do any of you have experience with Wisteria to share?

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I have not ordered furniture from Wisteria, but I do know they have an outlet store in Dallas. Not sure where you are in TX, but perhaps you could look? Have you compared dimensions and materials between the two stores' offerings?

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I won't be able to make it to the Dallas outlet. Thanks for reminding me to compare dimensions and materials. I totally forgot to do that!

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I think it's the same chair.

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Looks like the exact same chair to me.

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I think it's the same chair also. I haven't ordered furniture from Wisteria, but other items. Always pleased.

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Hi, bbstx,

This may not matter to you, but did you notice that the one at Wisteria is out of stock? They expect more in on 10/10. Maybe they'll get new stock in earlier than expected.

RH chair dimensions - 23"W x 22"D x 40"H
Wisteria chair dimensions - 25"w x 24.75"d x 40.25"h

Wisteria Chateau Arm Chair - Natural

$211.65 Save 15%! $249.00
Item Number #T10760

This item has an additional $100.00 processing and delivery fee.
Out of Stock. Expected to arrive on 10/10/14.

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m3d, Thanks for pointing out the delayed shipping. I did notice that it was out of stock until October. For the savings, I can wait 2 months.

Thanks for comparing the dimensions for me. That makes the Wisteria chair even more attractive! DH is slender but quite tall. I think the Wisteria chair will be more comfortable for him than the RH chair would have been.

I hope someone who has ordered furniture from Wisteria will chime in on their opinion of the quality of the furniture.

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