Help with replacing a light switch

trialbyerrorAugust 14, 2011

So I have a light switch that has two switches on it and the top one doesnt work very well anymore.

I purchased a new switch but the connections in the back are slightly different.

In the original switch the top one controls the main light in the room and the lower switch controls a light socket in the room.

When I open the socket and look at the old one I see 2 black wires and one blue. One black is connected to a LINE + the other is connected to the upper left terminal of the switch (no label).

The blue is connected to the other unlabeled terminal below the 2nd black.

My new switch also has two switches. The terminals are labeled Common, Common, A1, and B1.

Any suggestions on how to connect these wires to my new switch?

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Power in to the commons, A1 for one light, A2 for the other light.

The commons could be connected with a removable tab, if so, leave it on and the power in will power both outputs. If the commons are separated you will have to jumper the power in wire to both commons.

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So the white wire connects to either of the commons and the two blacks A1 and B1?

Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!

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"So the white wire connects to either of the commons and the two blacks A1 and B1? "

No. The whites just get joined together in the back of the box.

The black wire that was connected to "Line" is your new "common". If there is a metal connecting tab between the 2 commons on your switch, they are connected together and you just put the old "line" to either of them and it will power both. If there is no tab, take 2 small pieces of black wire and use a wire nut to connect one end of them to the black "line". Then connect the other ends of those short wires to the 2 commons.

The other 2 wires on unlabeled terminals go to A1 and B1.

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Great! It works just like before. Thanks

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