rayrussoDecember 29, 2011

I'm 42 years old. My girlfriend and I have a son together. He's 15 months old. I have known my girlfriend since we were both 15 years old.

She has two children from a previous marriage. The boy is 12 and the girl is 16.(two different fathers)

Anyway, from what I gather, the daughter ruined the marriage and has admitted to it. She actually said it was funny. That was 2 years ago.

Since then she has show comeplete disregaurd for anyone that doesn't give her things when she wants something.

A year ago, at 15, she was on her way in the shower and she heard her 11 yearold brother change the channel. She tor after him and litterly beat the crap out of him. He had 32 marks on him including 4 bite marks that drew blood. The mother said sibling rivalry. She has since then hit him and bully him constantly. The mother doesn't seem to care. She actually defends her like its okay. My son, her half brother, I am in fear for. She treats him like a doll. Grabs him by his tiny wrist and yanks him over to her. He ofcourse screams and tries to get away. When I say something to her mother its " thief just playing" "stop picking" she also is a compulsive liar.

she was grounded( if you want to call it that) for two months from phone and internet because she was posting makes pics of herself on Facebook and got caught.

We have a community pool here. One day one of the neighbors told me she was humping some boy in the pool infront of everyone. She lied of course and denied it, her mother beloved her until I asked the neighbors to tell her. She still tried to deny it. Even her brother said it was true and then she threatened to "kick his ass"

Then one glorious day I get attacked by a mother say that she is letting the children who's ages range from 10 to 13, molest her so she can use they're phone. This mother was beat the crap out of her. Four other kids say it was true.

She Denise it and the mother says its fine

(The brother and his 10 year old friend also caught her naked in bed having sex with some random boy 2 years ago) she beat the crap out of him for rafting her out.)

the boy from the pool....... she knew for two days. She also has slonen money from me and robbed 250 dollars from her mothers account.

I love my girlfriend and I fear for my son while I'm at work.

The 12 is affraid and doesn't want to be there anymore.

They mothers response to everything is.... it fine

She walks around like she's the house wife and has said that repeatedly. I can't do anything.....I'm not her father and the terror is never ending.

What can I do

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If I might add...
She also tries to pit my girlfriend and I against eachother. Talks crap about me to her and talks crap about her mother to me. And lies to me beyond belief. I ask her a simple yes or no question..... there's gotta be some huge story involved. She manipulates everyone, except me because I see through it. Her mother just says its fine. She causes so many problems. We put Norton on her computer to monitor. Even when she get caught in a bold face lie, she tells her mother, that's not what I meant. I didn't mean to sent that picture of my chest and crotch to everyone... boo hoo hoo it was an accident. Making her mother forget the fact that she was told not to take pics like that at all.
Never ending.....

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Umm that's a LOT there hun.. I think I'd go ahead and file to establish your parental rights and for residential custody of your young son and get the hell out of there!!

Mom is not going to change her 15 yr old and she isn't going to protect your 15 month old if she refuses to protect her 10/11 yr old...

You should contact an attorney and also maybe a family advocacy center in your area that can help with domestic abuse. The teen is out of control and she didn't get that way on her own. Her parents are to blame!! And I just want to add... She didn't ruin her parents marriage, they weren't strong enough to begin with. You don't ruin someone else's marriage... It's between the two people that are 'married'. The girl obviously has so much anger that she can't see straight and is taking it out on everyone around her. She has possibly been treated this way majority of her life by someone. Sounds from what you have posted that mom has a bit of this snarky entitled attitude as well which tells me she is the role model her daughter has watched. She needs therapy but you really can't do much on that one. You have one responsibility and that is your baby... You need to find out what your rights are and run!!

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Thank you... you're so right.


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The first thing that came to my mind was that one day she'll be saying you molested her...then sir, you'll really be in a world of hurt.
I'm sorry you're having to go thru this...really a mess. Listen to the others...get a protective order and get the heck out of there.

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