multiple chimes for doorbell (& other home security)

tansunnyAugust 9, 2012

We had a bit of a scare last night. Someone rang our doorbell right around midnight. We never did see anyone (we have a doorbell on the front and back door.).

There was a time when I would have brushed this off to kids/teenagers. And it *probably* was, but I live in SE Michigan and our economy is really crummy and crime definately feels like its on the rise. Every day we're reading news stories about yet another murder in Detroit (multiple murders a day). We are in a suburb, probably 30 minutes away, but definately within driving distance and anyone who is familiar from that area knows the crime just seems to radiate out further west and north.

Anyhow, it really bothered me. What bothered me MORE was that I didn't hear the doorbell. I am a fairly sound sleeper. DH had gone to the bathroom and was just getting back into bed and putting in his earplugs (I snore) when he heard it. Took him a second to register what it was and the dogs started barking which woke me up. I feel that if DH were actually asleep with earplugs, he wouldn't have heard it either. We would have heard the dogs, but we wouldn't know where to start looking.

We only have a 1000 sq ft ranch, so the doorbell(s) chimes in the kitchen. I feel that if someone rings my doorbell in the middle of the night, I WANT to hear it. I may now ANSWER it, but I want to hear it. I would like to get loud doorbell chimes inside our bedroom. Also, our TV is in the finished basement and there is no doubt in my mind that we would not hear the doorbell down there with the TV on, so I would like to install one down there too.

I have heard bad things about the wireless doorbells that there are issues with interference. So, what is the loudest doorbell and how do I wire it so that I can hear it all through the house?

Also on our agenda are putting a peephole in the front door, putting blinds over the window to the backdoor (you can see right in the kitchen) and maybe some security cameras. We always keep a light on over the kitchen sink and a lamp in the living room.

And yes, I do realize I sound a little paranoid. I am ok with that.

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Probably just the old ding dong ditch but nothing wrong with being cautious. Your best bet might be to wire a second chime in your bedroom. Depending on how your house is laid out, that might or might not be easy to do. They even sell lights that flash as well (for people with hearing problems).

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floodlights on the front and back doors on motion detectors. It deters a lot of nuisance if the lights come on.

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You can also install a "wireless doorbell extender."

A small battery powered, sound activated transmitter, is installed next to your existing doorbell chime. When it "hears" your existing doorbell ring, it transmits a wireless signal to the remote chime.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of wireless doorbell extender available at Home Depot

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Another way to go is a doorbell camera intercom - they use the existing doorbell power/wire, and are able to carry video and audio.

There are lots of wireless ones too, but if there's a way to get a wire from the door chime itself to where your bedroom is, you might be able to do it all with a wired system (Maybe a cold air return or through a closet?)

I understand it gave you a fright, but consider this: as kids, we did stuff like that. Kids still do it, but people (mostly Americans) assume the worst, and it escalates til it becomes self-fulfilling. Kid rings doorbell, homeowner plugs kid through door with firearm.

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