Kohler generator "engine speed high"

lanceh5August 24, 2012

I just installed an emergency 14 RESA Kohler generator with a RXT automatic transfer switch. This will provide power to our private water well pump. The generator starts and runs manually just fine not in automatic mode. When in automatic mode and the power is off the engine starts and quits with a error code "engine speed high".

Kohler has a software application that I may buy but it is pricey.

We live 200 miles from the nearest large town. There might be a Kohler dealer there. Not happy with this expensive generator setup.

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If the unit is new, isn't there a warranty? Have you tried calling Kohler to see what they recommend?

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Let's face it . . . regardless of this unit being brandy
new, or 20 years old, Kohler is going to rape this person.
He/She is screwed, blued, and tatooed. And no, I'm not
a pessimist. That's the way all business operates these

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My first problem was solved my me. Had a short in the wiring. Fixed that. Today the generator will not start at all. It is not getting propane to the carburetor. The solenoid probably is not opening. I have not connected Kohler yet. Lots of problems with this setup.
Here is a picture of the solenoid.


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I wouldn't complain about it until I called the manufacturer. If you have a warranty I would imagine they will make it right. If you installed it yourself, it should be no problelm for you to follow the troubleshooting procedure they will most likely walk you through over the phone. When in doubt, call tech support.

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