Circuit breaker tripping

jimracAugust 9, 2011

Ihave noticed with one circuit in our home, when our 2 dehumidifiers( 40-50 pint size) are working at the same time, the circuitbreaker trips..

Now from what I gather, I dont think anything else is drawing power on this circuit; for instance lights on, etc... Its a 15 amp breaker, I think.

Is this possible? I am nots sure how much electricity these things are drawing.

Any insight would be greatlty appreciatiated.

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If both units try to start at the exact same time it is very possible they could pull enough to trip a 15 A breaker.

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I have a four year old 50 pint dehumidifier that i have measured at 5.8 amps or about 700 watts. This could possibly be higher power on an older model. Even at that, two units would be 1400 watts and if there is something else on the circuit it could definitely exceed the 1800 capacity, and as Brickeye said, starting current can be much higher which would also cause the breaker to trip.

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"5.8 amps"

Twice that for starting would not be abnormal.

Three or four times the running current is not uncommon.

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ok, thanks much appreciated.

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