connecting colors of wires-help!

misobentoAugust 15, 2010

OK, we don't know anything about electricity and hooking things up so we need some help.

Took old lighting fixture down and are putting up a ceiling fan we got at a big box store. The fan has black, white and blue wires. Oddly though, there is no 'white' wire from the ceiling. There are 2 black wires though... How do we know what hooks up to what??

House was built in 1920 and we are not sure when things were wired (we have only been in the house 1 year)

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I should maybe mention that the fan does have lights as well

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I'm guessing that the white, neutral wire has discolored with age (and perhaps heat). There are ways to determine which wire is which but since you said that you don't know anything about electricity I think you would be best served by hiring a licensed electrician.

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we will be contacting one tomorrow, thanks!

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