Child Support Question

richjsnDecember 5, 2012

Child Support Question.

The court has me paying a set amount for child support in the state of Missouri and it states if the child is in college child support continues until the age of 22. The daughter is done with high school and will be going to college full time and living there as well. My question is can I petition the court to use the amount of child support to go directly to pay for her college and not to the Mother of the child who received maintenance as well? I do pay for her insurance, cell phone, and medical as well.

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My DH had a similar situation (different state tho)Yes I do believe if you retain a lawyer, you can get the amount of child support reduced for the time child is not living at home, a home still has to be maintained for breaks and summer, but it will save you money you can put towards college tuition and expenses.

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