For those of you who have Matelasse coverlets

sis2twoAugust 16, 2013

I have ordered a Matelasse coverlet and shams for my bed. I am wondering do most folks fold theirs down at night and use something else to cover up with or do you use it along with the sheet. Also do you still use it in winter or is Matelasse mostly a warmer weather coverlet. In years past, I would buy nice bedding only to turn it down at night to keep it looking nice, and then have to use something else. Now I'm at the point that it seems like extra work and I just want to get under my covers and go to sleep. But I would like to know what others do.

Oh almost forgot to ask those of you who use it in winter months, do you layer a down comforter over top or put a comforter on and the Matelasse over that. Thank you.

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Holly- Kay

I love Matelasse but had to go with a different coverlet because I got too blasted hot with it on. I used it over a sheet in the winter and would have to kick it off and then end up freezing and have to pull it back up again. In the summer I would fold it back and just cover with a sheet.

I loved that spread though, so much in fact, that I am going to get another one and put a lightweight cotton blanket under it and fold it down in the winter too.

I always feel hot even when DH says he's cold so it may be just the right weight for you in the winter but Matelasse is a heavy weight coverlet so you may have to fold it back for comfort. If you tend to be cold it will be perfect as a winter coverlet.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The way I layer my beds and always have: sheets, blanket ( two in winter, one electric) top covering to be turned down always and this varies on what I am using for the season so it may be a quilt, matelasse, duvet, or coverlet. I never sleep under the top covering. That's what blankets are for.

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I agree with BB. I never sleep under the top cover. Mom always said they were for show, not for blow.

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Dissenting vote here......we use the matelassé coverlet with sheet in summer, light weight comforter or quilt in winter. If it's there, we sleep under it.

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While I adore the look of matelasse I don't like the heaviness of it so don't find it comfortable to sleep under. The 2 matelasse spreads I have are on guest beds and I have no idea what they do with them. I do use the shams on my bed sometimes as those pillows are removed at night. Even tho I live in "the Great White North" I am never cold and sleep with only a sheet in the summer and add a couple of soft blankets in the winter.

Unless I am having company and my bedroom might be on display I don't use any coverlet or spread but only fluff the pillows and turn down the sheet (so the bed can air) to 'make my bed'. So easy. In 'display mode' my bed will have a blanket, duvet cover folded down (without the duvet), and matching shams so it's pretty.

Because matelasse is washable one would not have to remove it at night so I suggest trying it to see how it feels to you.

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I have a matelasse like quilt/coverlet that I do sleep under year round...cotton blanket in summer, electric blanket in winter. I got rid of the comforter and duvet...comforter always slid down, duvet all wrinkly at top, all too heavy and could not fit in washer. I will never have a duvet again...too much hassle.

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The only "for show" things on my bed are 2-3 decorative pillows. The other pillows and covers are all used - sheet, duvet cover, and quilt in the winter. DH may use an electric blanket...makes me sweat just thinking about it.

I like to use the duvet cover (no duvet) for a nice light-weight cover in the warmer months. DH wants a little more than a sheet since I need the fan going 90 mph.

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Some Matelasse coverlets are lighter than others. My newest one is from Bates Heritage Weavers in Maine and it is quite dense and heavy. DH likes a cold bedroom so in the summer he usually sleeps under a top sheet, cotton blanket and the Matelasse. Sometimes I pull it up on my side but not always.

In the winter we prefer our alternative down comforter. We sleep with the windows open in the winter so it can get pretty chilly.

We have an older Matelasse bedspread at our vacation home and we always sleep under that in the summer along with a blanket and sheet. It's a lighter weight cover and has been laundered so much that I'm sure I've washed away some of the fiber over the years. In the winter we use the alternative down.

I think it's completely up to you to decide if you want to fold it down or sleep under it.

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Thank you all so much. The coverlet that I ordered is from Peacock Alley that I found on eBay. Haven't received it yet so am not sure about it's weight. If it's not heavy, I may put a light weight down comforter underneath the matelasse. Then I have the option of pulling it down if it gets too hot. If the laundering of it is going to be a problem such as dry cleaning, I will definitely be pulling it down. Hoping I can fit it in my front loading washing machine when it needs to be washed.

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Holly- Kay

You should be fine with laundering it in your front loader. My spread was very heavy and dense but easily fit my washer. It was laundered a lot!

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