Would you paint closet door wall color?

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7August 27, 2010

In this room, I am considering painting the molding and closet doors -on this one wall only- the new wall colors to blend in. What do you think?

The color will be about like these colors from Country Living more or less. :

In the link below are more pictures of the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: sitting room

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I did that once in a small room and never regretted it. The only thing I did different is that I took the sheen of the paint up one notch for the closet door and trim, but other than that it was all the same. I had 5 doors to that area and doing this really made them minimize their impact visually in comparison to what they would have looked like if I'd done them in a contrasting color.

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Absolutely. Have done it myself and have advised clients to do the same.

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Another vote yes.

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Molding and all on a door tucked in a corner like that, another yes vote.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Oh, thank you. You are confirming what I know...but I mentioned it this morning to dh and he was insistently no. He is very traditional and visually narrow minded. (he loves wood kind of guy) I will have to print out this thread (minus mine!) to show him.

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I think if I understand you right I probably disagree with what you're proposing which is to paint everything on that one wall the same color? I personally prefer having all the trim the same color in a room, the whole house really, as well as the doors, but that's just me. I think it offers a balance to the room.

I would like to say though that I LOVE that picture you have over your couch. Love the color and vibrancy and sunflower!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you, luk, I like that painting too. I don't know if I am brave enough to paint the molding and door, I know that sounds ridiculous, and there is still dh to convince, but I am still aiming in the direction of painting it all to blend in.

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A no vote here. Primarily because the door is paneled. If it were flat, it might disappear more, but with the panels it will always be a door in the wall. Also, painting just that amount of trim while all the rest in the room is done in another color will feel odd - and actually draw attention to the spot.

How is the space used - do you access that closet a lot, or is it more Âdead  storage? Is it just this one spot, or are there two closets on that wall - your post shows the one, put talks about closets in the plural.

Could you remove the closet door and use the space with shelving as a book nook or display of collectibles? Could you prop a large floor mirror over it? Put a tall bookcase or cabinet in front of it?

Hard to tell how the room is arranged from the one picture, but perhaps there is another way to arrange the space so that the door doesnÂt feel like it needs to be hidden?

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I would not since my friend's painter did his tiny bedroom this way with the trim white and the door BM Desert Tan to match the walls. I don't like the way it looks. I love seeing doors in another color since all my apartments I lived in before I bought my home had the doors, trim and walls all the same boring color. I love white doors and trim. But this is just my opinion.

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Your welcome. I have not been too good at conveying my thoughts lately, what I'm trying to say is, I prefer not to blend the doors and trim into the setting but paint them white to contrast. I think they add character to a room. If a compromise is in order maybe you can keep the trim consistent and paint the door the wall color?

BTW, I know you haven't said ANYTHING about your wall color and I'm really not suggesting this but I sure wish I could find a larger art piece I love like that. I think it would look stunning if it were on a wall that was painted in a shade of the green or blue; especially with the black frame. :c)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

If you all would click on the link in my first post, it will take you to the recent thread about wall color and show more angles of the room. Maybe that will help.
It is fortunate, luk, that I can create whatever suits my mood for the walls.
I need to get my work into prints...eventually, as I pursue my nebulous goal of being a well known artist. I want to be on calendars and coffee mugs, found in every gift shop!

I carefully considered everyones advice on the last post and decided with this color based on the simple fact that I like bright, light rooms. This room faces North and the window is under the front porch so in the winter it is dark.
Les, I did decide to purchase a paisley gold throw for the the back of the desk chair based on your suggestion of gold for the room. The whole room in gold would be too similar to the kitchen/dining room which is very gold and I don't want another room like that. Dh would nix it anyway :-)

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Another no vote here also. When I see a door and molding painted the same color as the wall it doesn't dissappear, it stands out more to my eye and lookks bland and unfinished to me. Moldings and doors add dimension to rooms even if they are off in the corner. I'm with lurk, when all the moldings are painted the same color they add continuity to a house. That is one way to link all the rooms together. Your room is going to be beautiful.

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A yes vote here. I don't think it looks like it works/has enough clearance and painting all of the wall color would make it visually disappear.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Interesting, so many views. The closet does open fully and does not touch the sofa. It is a hodge podge of dh's home office stuff and my kitchen overflow (a bunch of crock pots, serving bowls, etc).
It gets opened all the time.

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In my view, it almost doesn't matter in your case, because the room is just so appealing. There's just something about it that has "special" written all over it.

I don't mean to sound flip, but really, will it matter that much? You'd have to do a lot to mess that room up!


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I went back on the old thread, and I suggested coral, not gold for the walls. I remember the room now.

Is there any chance that you could get your hands on another drapery panel? You could hang a rod in front of the closet with the panel, as if it were another window. Probably could even remove the door and put that in storage, which would give you more space in the closet when you didnÂt have to allow for the swing of the door.

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Another vote to match the walls. I have an office/spare bedroom which has 3 doors (1 hallway & 2 smaller closets), 2 floor-length windows, & a fireplace - way to many openings in a relatively small room. We added the 2 closet doors on the same wall but for various reasons, they could never match the existing 150 year old trim so I had them built to be 'invisible', i.e. flush mounted with no trim, magnetic latches instead of knobs, (hinges were supposed to be invisible but the carpenter screwed up), & everything painted the same color & sheen as the wall. (Since it was flat paint, I believe it was formulated for wood instead of what I used on the drywall but it's been a few years so I might be wrong.)

Another thing I did for continuity was to have baseboard trim mounted on the bottom of each hidden door that matched the rest of the trim in the room; the contrasting color & sheen visually add to the 'wall' feel.

No one will ever mistake these for hidden doorways to secret passages but visually, they don't scream "look at me because the wall is all cut up".

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Antique silver, what a creative solution you had for those closets!

Your post points out, tho, why it worked well in your space, but why I said I didnÂt see it here. You had no trim, flush mounted, latches and not knobs, and aded the baseboard trim as you did (a brilliant touch) . Here we have the same trim as the rest of the space, panel doors and doorknobs.

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Les, I understand but still think wall colored paint would make it visually blend into the wall rather than emphasize by using the trim scheme. It may not be optimally invisible but it should be an improvement. Of course, I'm a big believer in paint camouflage(sp?),LOL.

Another reason for using flat matching paint is because light reflects off of glossier woodwork but is absorbed by flat paint the same as the walls. Glossy draws the eye.

Maybe the answer is to paint ALL of the trim in the room in the wall color (in the appropriate sheen) except the closet door/trim & make that a flat sheen.

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So you painted that? Beautiful. I love to paint as well but am not any where near that level. Ok, now I'm jealous! :c)

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Silver, I agree about the effect of glossy versus flat.

I guess I think of a white room with white closets. I did a google images search for those, because in my mind that is the same as beige walls with beige closets, or blue walls with blue closets. To me, when the doors have that much detail, painting them out doesnÂt make them disappear, because in being the same color as the walls but with such a different surface texture, they still stand out - only now it looks like one is trying to hide them and not succeeding.

But, and I firmly believe this and say it all the time, it is YOUR space. You should do what works for YOU. There is no right or wrong, just choices and personal taste. So, if painting the door and trim in the wall color will make the room work better for you, then you should do it!

Maybe what you should do, with your talent, is paint small paintings on canvas (perhaps a series of floral studies or nature studies) and apply those to the panels in the door( or paint directly on the door, I guess, but then you canÂt remove them and sell them), paint out the surrounding door to look like a darker frame, and create a great focal point!

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Unless blending it into the wall will make it stick out overall in this room, I would do the wall color. As it is now, that area has a nice clean backdrop for the artwork and furnishings. I think that cozy room/corner would get a more cluttered look by accentuating the door. I really like the room in the fresh white.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Now, spring meadow, don't be messin' with me! I want to paint the room! The window and door molding will stand out more as will the sofa and chair.
Les, I am embarrassed that I got your color wrong. I did actually read everything, several times, (the throw has some coral in it :-)

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Oh, PLEASE donÂt be embarrassed. I didnÂt remember until I went back and looked at the thread and saw the pix. LOL about your last comment concerning the throw. Thanks for the smile!

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