Installing Pendants Around Load Bearing Beam?

belladevilAugust 20, 2012

Help! My kitchen contractor has discovered a structural beam runs directly above my new island, where I was planning to hang two pendant lights. Is it possible to work around this? I was wondering if he could install a surface mounted junction box and terminate the wires there -- then we could build a box around that to attach the lights to? Any and all suggestions are most welcome. Thank you!!

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If your on-site contractors cannot devise a good solution, their abilities are questionable.

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That their abilities are questionable is now an unassailable fact - that is why I need help :)

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You can't conceal a junction box.

There's no reason you couldn't, for example, build a "box" (some kind of hollow structure) below the beam and run your wires into that, terminating them in an accessible box.

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Many pendant lights are available that are suspended by thin wire and can have the electrical connection off center from the hangar. You can then have a box installed adjacent to the beam and run the electrical wire there.

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