Circuit Breaker Rated Life/Replacment

dlg421August 27, 2013

My daughter's house is 36 years old. We recently had an electrician run wiring and install ceiling fans in it. The electrician told us that her breaker box is a good one, but that because of the age of the house, she should probably have the breakers replaced.

Is there a rated life for circuit breakers? If so, then I assume all of the breakers should be replaced.

Thanks for your advice.

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Ron Natalie

No. He's full of it. Unless there's some problem with the breaker it doesn't need to be replaced. Breakers don't "wear" in most uses. Now if you were using one like a light switch to turn things on and off, that might be another story. There are also breakers brands that are problematic, but unfortunately, they're replacements aren't much better.

The only ones that typically merit replacement are some of the early AFCI's if you are experiencing a lot of nuisance trips. The later versions even from the same manufacturers are sometimes better in that regard.

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My parents did a panel upgrade/replacement in the later '60s. The same breakers are still there.

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OK. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate your input.

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