Question about an exterior GFCI

catherinetAugust 7, 2011

I have a Redodot exterior GFCI outlet on the outside of the house. First question: Can I replace the cover by itself, or do I need to replace the entire unit? The cover keeps falling off. (I think one side is missing a little spring).

Next: I use a long, heavy duty extension cord from this outlet to go to a shed, where I keep my golf cart charging battery and golfcart. I plug it in each night, and unplug it from the outlet every morning. The plug is sooooo hard to pull out. I think its stressing the GFCI outlet and also the end of the extension cord. Is there any way of getting it to come out more easily? I fear I'm going to ruin the cord and/or the outlet soon.


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I'm not familiar with Redodot, but every cover I have seen is replacable without removing the receptacle.
A firm grip between the receptacle and plug is what you should have to ensure minimal electrical resistance. It shouldn't overstress the receptacle if it's properly installed and the plug is in good shape and you are pulling on the plug itself, not the cord.

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Thanks randy,
This seems like more than just a good fit. I have to really pull and pull on it and I'm afraid its going to decrease the life of the GFCI. I don't understand what's making it so hard to pull out, unless the prongs on the extension cord were made too close together.??

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Look at the plug and compare it to other similar plugs to see if the blades are bent. If so, you should be able to straighten them. Are the blades smooth or corroded or burred? If they are not smooth, you might be able to get some fine abrasive paper and smooth them off. If the cord is difficult to unplug, you should probably put the other hand on the outlet to hold it while pulling the plug out.

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Thanks ionized,
I'll check that out.

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Make sure you replace the cover with a "bubble type" in use cover. That is a cover that is protected from weather when something is plugged in. The old flat, metal covers are only allowed under supervised use, meaning someone is there to unplug and close cover when it might get wet.

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Thanks btharmy, I didn't know that. I'll look for one.

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