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donnas_gwAugust 26, 2013

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this or not. I pulled my kitchen range out from the wall this morning to clean the sides of the stove and floor underneath. After doing that, I pushed the range back in place. The digital clock light was out, and the burners would not come on either. Pulled the range back out and it looked like the cord was halfway into the socket. I took my foot and pushed it all the way in.....still no light on clock and burners wouldn't work. Then I unplugged and plugged the stove back up. While doing that, I hear this loud "boom" and I could see a flame inside the stove (I was standing behind it and could see the flame through one of the holes in the back covering). I unplugged that thing as fast as I could...scared the daylights out of me LOL. I was pretty much between the back of the stove and the wall....not much room!! What happened? Thanks

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Ron Natalie

My guess is you pulled a connection inside the stove apart when you over stretched the cord (and the thing had a lousy strain relief). Have an appliance guy come check it out.

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For some, now unknown, reason, you have a dead short of the main, or one of the main power cables within the range. It is hard to say why it happened now. Maybe you strained something by pulling on the cord. Is the burned area near the cord inlet?

How old is this range? If you want to take a look at it yourself, leave it unplugged. Start taking out screws and remove the cover in the burned area to see what wires are burned up. You might need to only replace the pigtail, but you should check the associated wires in the area carefully.

That should have been quite a fright being trapped behind the exploding range! I don't envy you that experience.

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My husband looked at it when he got home from work. I know nothing about electricity talk, but I pulled one of the prongs away from the wire on the end. He said he didn't see any burned wires, etc. Guessing the pigtail you are talking about is the cord? He is going to the hardware store to purchase a new cord. The range is almost 15 years old...will probably end up buying a new one sooner or later (later I hope)Thanks.

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You can try and replace the cord and see if it works after that, Hopefully you didn't fry any of the circuits boards, which is very easy to do.

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Looks like you shorted the cord to the side/frame of the stove. That's why one of the 3 spade lugs is missing. If you look, you will probably see a scorch mark near where this was attached. Replacing it should be sufficient.

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You could probably just replace that one terminal if you get a replacement and the equipment attach the new one.

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